[UPDATED] PALLYWOOD: Fakestinians are up to their old dirty tricks

al-Jazeera’s reports of a recent mosque burning in the West Bank allegedly by Israeli ‘settlers’ is a fake. The same video and photos were used to portray another mosque burning in the West bank in May 2010. I wonder how many more reports of ‘burned’ mosques would turn out to be the same one?

Thanks to Melissa for finding these.

OCT. 4, 2010 (Fast Forward to 2:50)

MAY 5, 2010 (Fast Forward to 0:30)

OCT. 4, 2010 PHOTO:

MAY 5, 2010 PHOTO

Photos from: Live Leak

LEFT WING Jewish residents replace Qurans burned in the fire.

REUTERS Jews on Tuesday gave new copies of the Koran to Palestinians in a West Bank village whose mosque was burned in an attack blamed by Palestinians on militants in the settler movement.

Several copies of Islam’s holy book were scorched in the arson attack and threats in Hebrew were scrawled on the wall of the mosque of Beit Fajjar early on Monday.

Suspicion immediately fell on Jewish militants opposed to a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, in which some Jewish homes would be turned over to a Palestinian state.

“This visit is to say that although there are people who oppose peace, he who opposes peace is opposed to God,” said Rabbi Menachem Froman, a well-known peace activist and one of a handful of settlers who went to Beit Fajjar to show solidarity with their Muslim neighbors.

Froman and other liberal Jews and Palestinians who advocate coexistence held a demonstration by a busy West Bank highway junction, displaying banners saying: “We all want to live in peace.” But fewer than 20 people turned out.