With Muslims, take no prisoners, just kill them

Former IDF soldier who was videotaped by friends as he ‘belly-danced’ next to a blindfolded female Palestinian terrorist prisoner has been threatened with kidnapping by Hamas for humiliating the prisoner.

(How could she have been humiliated if she was blindfolded and didn’t speak Hebrew?)

Israel National News“Many Palestinian youth in the West Bank and in Gaza are trying to find the soldier’s name and address, in order to kidnap him and join him with Gilad Shalit,” a statement from Hamas said. The terrorist pictured in the video, 25-year-old Ekhsan Dibabse, said she plans to file suit against the soldier. Dibabse has already

Blindfolded Palestinian male prisoners were 'humiliated' here

filed a complaint with the left-wing Committee Against Torture. (Since when does dancing around a blindfolded Muslim terrorist constitute torture? Just having to look at a Palestinian woman is torture for the soldier)

The incident took place in 2007, as Dibabse waited at a detention center after her arrest on suspicion of membership in the Islamic Jihad terrorist group. She has since served 22 months in prison. (And I bet she wasn’t raped and

tortured as she would have been in a Hamas prison)
And here.

The affair came to light after someone uploaded the video of the soldier dancing around Dibabse to YouTube.

After the video was made public, Dibabse told media that she felt “humiliated” and “powerless” during the incident, despite the fact that she did not know what was happening at the time. (That’s the idea, you  Muslim bitch)I heard music and soldiers laughing, I felt like I was being photographed,” she said. (Believe me, sweetie, no Israeli soldier wants a photo of you. Have you seen Israeli women?) She accused a different soldier of hitting her when she attempted to remove her blindfold. (Riiiight)

IDF spokesmen reported that the army is investigating the incident. “The IDF condemns behavior of the type seen in these videos, and has acted and will continue to act to put an end to it, through the briefings given to soldiers, the instructions given to their commanders, the IDF code, and punishment when necessary,” they stated.