BULGARIA: Another target of Islamic Infestation in the Balkans

Bulgarian authorities have rejected allegations that the October 6 2010 special operation against a Muslim group was anti-Islamic as raids on Muslim groups found material advocating religious hatred and overthrow of the constitutional order, as well as evidence of breaches of financial and tax laws.

NOVINITEBulgarian investigators are raiding Wednesday several houses in the Velingrad municipality in the search for extremist Islam propaganda materials, the Prosecutor’s Office in the southern city of Pazardzhik informs.

The raids are part of a large-scale police operation launched in Bulgaria aiming at halting the activities of the illegal branch of the radical Muslim Foundation Al Waqf al Islami. The operation is taking place in southern Bulgaria, in the regions of Pazardzhik,Blagoevgrad and Smolyan.

The spokesperson of the Pazardzhik Prosecutor’s Office told Darik radio they have started a pre-trial procedure against an alleged leader of a group in 2008-2009, which was plotting a coup in Bulgaria and forceful constitutional changes.

Al Waqf al Islami has at least 8 addresses in Bulgaria’s second largest city of Plovdiv, the Chair of the local Mosque Board of Trustees, Ashim Assan says, adding branches of the Foundation abound in southern Bulgaria. According to Assan, Al Waqf al Islami is affiliated with Al Queda and operates in Bulgaria since 1997.

“At the time, thanks to then Prime Minister, Ivan Kostov, and his wife’s Foundation “Future for Bulgaria,” radical Islam was able to settle in the country. Later, the Three-Way Coalition cabinet provided political cover-up, because Al Waqf al Islami sponsored one of their members – the ethnic Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS),” Assan stated.

The head of the right-wing Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB) in Plovdiv, Spas Garnevski, dismissed the above declarations as non-sense, saying Assan must seek psychiatric treatment.