Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, cardiologist and former U.S. Navy Lt. Commander, seems to be the only practicing Muslim in America calling for total reform of Islam. I have followed him for 3 years and never found anything that would cause me to doubt his sincerity. But…

I know what many BNI readers are thinking, he is still a Muslim, so he is probably lying, which would be  true in most cases. But he is the one Muslim calling for total reform of his religion, to remove the many violent passages that call for conversion/death of non-believers and the oppression of women, among other human rights violations condoned by Islam’s holy books. Jasser is the Muslim whom the State Department should be using as a liason, not the radical Imam Rauf from the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. The same mosque that Dr. Jasser has publicly condemned many times on radio, TV and in articles he has written. I have been wrong before about Muslims who seemed to be real reformers. I hope I am not here.

Dr. Jasser’s website:

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser produced and narrated the documentary: The Third Jihad.

This is the trailer, but you can see  more here: The Third Jihad or here: Third Jihad