Israel's call for 'Loyalty Oath' by non-Jews angers Arabs

Isn’t that the idea? There are 57 Arab countries in which they could live without pledging loyalty to the Jewish state.

The BlazeJ ERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s Cabinet is set to approve a controversial bill that will require new citizens to pledge allegiance to a “Jewish and democratic” state.

The language has triggered charges of racism from Arab lawmakers who see it as undermining the rights of the country’s Arab minority. (Gee, that’s funny, Jews can’t even set foot in certain Arab states if they have an Israeli stamp in their passport)

Introducing the measure to his Cabinet, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended it as reflecting the essence of Israel. He said Sunday that many in the world are trying to blur the connection between the Jewish people and their national homeland.

Though largely symbolic, the bill has angered both the Palestinians and Israel’s own Arab citizens.

Israel is demanding that the Palestinian recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people. The Palestinians refuse to do so for fear that it will undermine the status of Israeli Arabs and undercut the claims of Palestinian refugees.