Muslims SHOULD be profiled. MORE not less.

Apparently it’s perfectly legal for the FBI to attach a GPS tracking device under your car if you bow down to Allah. When Muslims stop attacking this country, the FBI can stop following them.

I would imagine the Times Square car bomber probably appeared just as innocent-sounding as this guy. Until he tried to blow up Americans on the street.

A South Bay college student says the FBI spied on him and he found the GPS tracker to prove it. Yasir Afifi found the device attached to his car. He wondered what it was, but then a visit from a federal agent answered that question…

“Is it that you can just put it on any person’s car and I would argue that is obviously an egregious violation of everybody’s constitutional rights and should be challenged,” said Afifi’s attorney Zahra Billoo. Billoo is also CAIR-SFBA Executive Director. (DING DING DING Lawsuit!)