YES! Feds clear FBI in killing of radical Michigan Imam

Justice Dept. Clears 4 FBI Agents Of Criminal, Civil Rights Charges In Death Of Michigan Imam.

And terrorist front group CAIR ragheads are exploding.

CBS NEWS(AP) WASHINGTON (AP) – FBI agents who raided a Michigan warehouse last year didn’t violate federal civil rights laws when they fatally wounded and restrained a Muslim cleric, the Justice Department announced Wednesday.


After completing its own investigation, the department’s civil rights division said no further criminal investigation of the four FBI agents who shot Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah or of the other agents in the raid is warranted.

Four agents shot Abdullah 20 times as they tried to arrest him during a raid at a Dearborn, Mich., warehouse on Oct. 28, 2009. Abdullah, who led a Detroit mosque, was being sought as part of an ongoing stolen-goods sting operation.

Federal authorities have described Abdullah as the leader of a radical Sunni group that aims to create an Islamic state within the U.S. Authorities say Abdullah preached hate for the government and encouraged followers to commit violence, especially against police and federal agents.

According to court records, Abdullah had even warned that “it will be straight-up war” if the government engaged with him. Abdullah’s family has denied that he was a radical cleric.

Abdullah fired at least three shots at agents as they tried to arrest him and four others, according to the Justice Department’s 17-page report. The other men were unharmed.

The report concludes that “the evidence indicates that each of the FBI agents who fired his weapon had a legitimate reason to believe that deadly force was necessary and reasonable in order to prevent Imam Abdullah from shooting agents with a handgun that he brandished and fired.”

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