'Shocking' videos show systematic humiliation of Iraqi prisoners by US soldiers?

Is this what the Left finds to be shocking humiliation of Iraqi prisoners? Funny, I don’t see any panties on their heads or naked pyramids or growling dogs. There’s not even a severed head in sight.

What am I missing here?

According to this story in Observers.France.24, a former US soldier who served in Iraq has posted a series of three videos on YouTube called “Fun with Iraqi Detainees”. What they show doesn’t exactly match most people’s idea of fun. (Nor does it match most people’s ideas of humiliation)

Retired army specialist Ethan McCord,  states that they were shot during his time as a member of the Bravo Company 2-16 in Iraq, in 2007. McCord explains that he started to “acquire” this kind of video “once [he] realised that what [they] were doing in Iraq is wrong”. Over and over again, the videos show the systematic humiliation of Iraqi prisoners in the hands of US soldiers. The abuse is never physical, but mental and emotional. “In my eyes, this is worse than simply striking a person” wrote McCord on michaelmoore.com.


VIDEO 1: This video shows a  US soldier  taunting a detainee, blindfolded and in tears, that he is “going to prison.”
VIDEO 2: The video shows a soldier singing and laughing into a terrified Iraqi detainee’s ear while his colleagues look on, amused.
VIDEO 3: This video shows a soldier ordering a bound and blindfolded Iraqi prisoner to put his “hands up, hands down” over and over again.
THIS is torture: