TEAM PALADINO has dirt that ties Andrew Cuomo to Palestinian terrorists

WARNING: This story was penned by Fred Dicker, the same journalist  whose “goons” were accused by Paladino of stalking and photographing his 10-year-old daughter in her home.

NY POSTCarl Paladino, who has thrown buckets of unsubstantiated mud at Andrew Cuomo, may be preparing for a further escalation with documents alleging that Cuomo is anti-Semitic, The Post has learned.

Nearly 500 pages of the anti-Cuomo documents were obtained by The Post from a source with ties to Paladino’s gubernatorial campaign adviser, Roger Stone, a self-styled GOP dirty-trickster whose protégé Michael Caputo is Paladino’s campaign manager.

Caputo bragged to an Albany newspaper in July that, “We have six binders on Cuomo. We’re going to win the campaign on it.”

The massive collection obtained by The Post dates to 2002 and looks like it might have been prepared for former Gov. George Pataki’s re-election campaign, which was preparing for a possible challenge from Cuomo, the former federal Housing secretary who unsuccessfully sought to become the Democratic nominee for governor eight years ago.

The collection of anti-Cuomo material is marked as coming from Drake Ventures, a Florida-based public-relations firm owned by Stone.

“Memorandum. Date: June 21, 2001. Re: Andrew Cuomo an anti-Semite?” one page of the material begins.

“While Americans are sleeping in the streets and rundown HUD housing, their landlord Andrew Cuomo is in bed with Islamic terrorists?” it continues.

“First: Instead of focusing on the poor and homeless here in the United States, HUD Secretary Cuomo traveled to the Middle East to befriend terrorist Yasser Arafat and Palestine.

Cuomo, as HUD secretary, met with Arafat and Palestinian leaders in 2000 to discuss housing and refugee issues during an official visit to the Mideast.

Renowned hip-hop entrepreneur and Phat Farm fashion creator Russell Simmons has been a longtime Cuomo supporter and financial backer. He hosted the Nation of Islam leader and his sons at his lower Manhattan home last year when they were in New York to greet Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy.

“Now: Cuomo names Russell Simmons, a supporter of anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, a ‘senior black advisor’ to his campaign,” the document continues. Simmons has said that “Louis Farrakhan is my second father”

Asked if the Paladino campaign possessed the documents obtained by The Post and planned to use them in the campaign, Caputo responded, “No comment.”

Cuomo campaign spokesman Josh Vlasto angrily claimed the documents prove “Paladino had a premeditated plan to disseminate false and vicious rumors.”

“His hypocrisy knows no bounds as he falsely tries to smear someone as anti-Semitic when he himself refers to a Jewish elected official as a Hitler and an antichrist,” continued Vlasto. (If he’s talking about terrorist-sympathizer Michael Bloomberg, he’d be right)

“That’s why Paladino’s campaign is being called one of the dirtiest in the country.” (Yes, the truth can be very dirty)