Parents rightly outraged over public school assignment to write about the Islamic Pilgrimage called Hajj

Do the morons at this school know that the Hajj is a holy pilgrimage to Mecca, a city in Saudi Arabia where non-Muslims are not even allowed to set foot?

Why are seventh grade students in American schools being forced to learn about Islam at all?

(JPost) Saudi officials have arrested a man in Mecca for being a Christian, saying that the city, which Muslims consider to be holy, is off-limits to non-Muslims.

“The Grand Mosque and the holy city are forbidden to non-Muslims,” Col. Suhail Matrafi, head of the department of Expatriates Affairs in Mecca, told the Saudi daily Arab News. Similar restrictions apply to the Saudi city of Medina. In a section entitled, “Traveler’s Information,” the Web site of the Saudi Embassy in Washington states that, “Mecca and Medina hold special religious significance and only persons of the Islamic faith are allowed entry.”

Highway signs at the entrance to Mecca also direct non-Muslims away from the city’s environs.

The Indy ChannelMARTINSVILLE, Ind. — Some parents of a Morgan County elementary school said they are outraged by an assignment that asks students to write about their experience on a Hajj. A Hajj is a pilgrimage to Mecca and is one of the pillars of the Islamic faith.

Seventh-graders at Martinsville East Middle School were asked to write at least 125 words “as though you are on the journey to Mecca and are writing in your journal about what you see and experience,” 6News’ Joanna Massee reported.

“I feel strongly that if the same assignment was given from a Christian standpoint, whether it was your experience at the Passover or if you were there when Christ was crucified or anything like that, the ACLU or any other organization like that would be up in arms,” said Ron Fletcher, a parent of one of the students.

Fletcher said he has no problem with people of the Islamic faith, but he thinks the assignment was inappropriate for a public school.

“My daughter’s perception and other parents’ perception by speaking with them by Facebook and on the phone is that we want our children to write about experiencing one of the pillars of Islam — I think that takes it a little too far,” Fletcher said.

Principal Eric Bowlen defended the assignment, saying that it is all about expanding students’ knowledge of the beliefs of others and that there are examples of various cultures taught in class. (This has nothing to do with culture, it is a religious pilgrimage and nothing else) H/T Islamization Watch