PREGNANT MUSLIM WOMAN: Did she self-immolate or did her husband have her burned to death?

Another young Muslim* woman and her unborn baby die from being burned alive. Only this time, it’s not Afghanistan or Pakistan, it’s England.

*The story in UK Daily Mail refers to the woman as ‘Asian’ which is a code word for ‘Muslim’ See more stories of self-immolation at the end.

An Asian MUSLIM woman aged 23 believed to be pregnant has died after being found on fire behind a house.

West Yorkshire Police and fire crews were called to a property in Bradford at 7.15pm yesterday. A police spokesman said the woman, who was found ‘alight’ and with serious burns, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police are treating the death as suspicious and were canvassing for witnesses in the quiet cul-de-sac this morning.

Neighbours said the area was usually quiet and peaceful and a close community, but some mystery surrounded the woman who died. Aziza Kahn, who lives nearby, said she believed the woman was pregnant and lived at the property with her husband, mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law.

She said: ‘We never saw her (the woman). There was a time we were quite close to that family but not now. ‘We didn’t know her, we never got to talk to her. ‘You never saw her with her husband, never ever saw them together. ‘She was a young girl, we thought she was about 17 or 18, and she was pregnant.’

Miss Kahn also said some neighbours had told her that a group of around five men were seen coming out of the house around the same time as the incident happened but said she did not see anything herself.

Another neighbour, Rahana Kosar, said she believed the woman was Asian MUSLIM and had been in the UK for less than a year but she rarely came out of the house. She also said her family had had an argument with the woman’s family in the past about car parking and had kept out of each other’s way since then.

‘We’re all Asians MUSLIMS round here but she never came out the house. Ms Kosar said said: ‘We didn’t hear anything because we sit in the back room and one of the girls nearby knocked on the door and said something’s happened so I opened the door was just shocked.

‘There was police everywhere, there was the fire brigade and I couldn’t pinpoint which house it was until someone said it was the second house and the girl there had actually died.’ Another neighbour added: ‘To be honest, nobody heard any screams or anything. It’s very strange, very suspicious.’

‘It was a bit horrible. It just seemed really weird and it wasn’t right at all. ‘It’s made me feel weird, kind of like I don’t want to be here. It’s quite scary.  H/T Lee S