"You wouldn't treat a Muslim this way"

Christian customer in Belfast irate because Tesco sold her unmarked HALAL meat and then didn’t want to give her a refund when she returned it.

CHRISTIAN.org Mrs Andrena Robinson took the meat back to her local store after she read in the press that all of Tesco’s New Zealand lamb was slaughtered according to Islamic ritual which is inhumane.

The duty manager at the Tesco store said he would not refund her unless there was a problem with the quality of the meat.

But Mrs Robinson told him that if she had been a Muslim who had unknowingly bought non-Halal meat, the store would give her money back. She said: “I felt that as a Christian I had as much right to demand a refund. At that point he relented and reluctantly took the meat back.”

If Tesco had continued to refuse her a refund when it would have given one to a Muslim, Mrs Robinson could have launched a legal action. She added: “If I’d known it was Halal I would not have bought it. It is an issue of conscience for me, something I feel strongly about.

Mrs Robinson is concerned about the growing disregard for Christian values. She said: “Christianity is being marginalised and at the same time there is an over-sensitivity to Islam.”