ASSES UP! NYC Taxi drivers stop work to pray in the streets of Manhattan

You’ve seen the nauseating photos and videos here of Muslim mobs of worshippers usurping the streets and sidewalks of Paris and London for their Friday afternoon prayers. Well, now, apparently, Muslim cab drivers have brought this disgusting spectacle to the streets of NYC.

Thanks to ATLAS SHRUGS for posting this photo evidence of swarming Muslims laying in the streets of NYC to pray. This was photographed at 72nd Street and Riverside Drive, an affluent residential area of Manhattan.

There was no activity at the site of the Ground Zero mega mosque either. They closed surrounding mosques and had worshippers come in from out of the area. Go down to the Ground Zero mosque location on Friday afternoon and check out all the out-of-state plates.

This reader writes from polite and lovely Riverside Drive and 72nd Street. Here is what Atlas reader Cos wrote:

As recently as one year ago there was typically zero activity at this location on Friday afternoons. Below are photos (taken today) of what is now the norm. I counted over 250 taxicabs and 30 pedicabs choking the streets around the “Cultural Center”. There was not a single squad car, or patrolman on foot, horse or bike anywhere to be seen in the area.

Anyone know where I can get one of those paintball guns?













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  1. Boycott taxis driven by these bastards. Short of kicking them in the ass, if all of these defacing streets like that got their shoes nicked EVERY SINGLE TIME and EVERYWHERE, might send a message!

    Emergency vehicles needing access should start using sidewalks, blazing sirens and all. Scram or die vermin!

    • Alain, once again I will offer my advice should you find yourself in a cab with a muslim driver. Exit at your destination without leaving a tip and don’t close the door after you get out. The screaming and cursing it provokes is priceless. Sometimes they even drive away with the door waving in the wind.

      • Thing is Bonni, if I found myself into one of ‘those’, I would exit and leave the door open all right, but I wouldn’t go as far as reaching my destination with him because I wouldn’t let him take me there, no way.

        This is it for me and these people, no business from me, no talking to me, mind how you look at me and what you say in front of me. That’s how it’s gonna stay until ‘showdown’.

        • Alain, in NYC, you could wait a long time for a non-muzzie driver. Better to get where you’re going and stiff him on the tip. That’s where they make most of their money anyway. And it makes him so much angrier when you leave the door open too.

          • Oh I see your point if you’re in NYC. Guess public transports may not always be an option Someone please, any chance of direct competition against these guys? A new company perhaps, In Fidales’ Taxi? Anyone? 🙂

  2. why do the muslim need a rug to kneel on to pray? when they do pray does it come from the heart or a book