It won't do you any good to yell "fire" on a crowded street where Muslims are praying

Supporting the Ground Zero Victory Mosque is bad enough. But now NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ORDERED the police to avoid areas of the city where Muslims are blocking traffic by prostrating themselves in the middle of the streets. So, this is how far Bloomberg has sunk purely because of his business ambitions in the Middle East.*


I thought it was only once a year on MUSLIM DAY, when the city allowed praying Muslims to lay all over Madison Avenue, but as Atlas Shrugs reported yesterday, now they can block any street at any time and the NYPD will look the other way. STORY HERE: nyc-get-ready-to-see-more-stabbings-of-muslim-cab-drivers

FDNY Retiree firefighter offers this additional insight: “Apparently I will be unable to move away from the very disturbing behavior of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who apparently has become a chief water carrier for the Islamic world. Bloomberg has crossed the line of decency, sanity and reason.

NYC, at Bloomberg’s beck and call, now officially supports breaking the law. As long as you are Muslim, that is. Everyone else, however…

Muslims were allowed to burn this American flag in the streets of NYC:

And for those readers who have not yet figured it out, who may ask “What does this have to do with FDNY,” the answer is “a great deal!” Because while Bloomberg goes about his pandering to Islam, he destroys NYC, focusing on FDNY, from within.

Bloomberg has increasingly ignored the massive traffic jams Muslims cause whenever they decide to block streets and intersections, several times daily, in busy Manhattan, by prostrating themselves and praying in the streets. And when they do this, they park their cars wherever they please, entirely blocking streets at times, all with the blessing of Mayor Michael ‘Dhimmi’ Bloomberg.

Everyone else in the city needs a permit to do things like that of course, but Bloomberg simply ignores the law when it comes to Muslims. And supports their repeated violations of the law, just as he does the awful mosque at Ground Zero.

And now that the Muslims have succeeded in blocking places like Fifth Avenue in midtown, they’ve moved a bit uptown — to Riverside Drive and 72nd Street.

Check out the photos below. Notice row upon row, cab upon cab, double-parked and otherwise illegally parked, blocking the streets, while their Islamic drivers… pray. Notice there’s not a single ticket on a single windshield.

If one walks only a block or two from that ugly scene, you’d see scooter cops, mounted cops, meter maids, and other traffic enforcement people issuing scores of expensive tickets to similarly law-breaking drivers.


The word is, I’m afraid, that the police are avoiding the area because they have been ORDERED to do so! According to NYPD, they were told (read: “ordered”) not to ticket the illegally parked cars or stop the Muslims from blocking the sidewalk (also illegal). NYPD claims the city council told ‘em to do it.

Uh-uh. Baloney. That order came directly from Muslim-appeasing NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg has time to support a mosque at Ground Zero, has time to interfere with police upholding the law, has time to try to meddle in the life and affairs of New Yorkers, time to gallivant throughout the country trying to stop people from legally owning guns…

But he spends most of his time, unfortunately, figuring out ways to destroy FDNY.

To validate the allegations that NYPD was ordered to ignore the Muslims, simply call (212) 580-6411 (the NYPD 20th precinct).

West 29th Street & Broadway in Manhattan, amplified Muslim call to prayer from this mosque shatters the eardrums of nearby residents.