Jolly Good, Britain! Now police can 'STOP & SEARCH' based on ethnicity again

Police will soon be allowed to return to the days when they could stop and search people on the basis of their ethnic background.

Now, if only they could carry guns instead of nightsticks.

UK DAILY MAIL Last night the news threatened to ignite a huge row between the Government and civil liberties groups.

So-called ‘Sus laws’ were scrapped in the 1980s after the alleged targeting of black people by police led to race riots in London, Birmingham and Liverpool.

Police have since been expected to target suspects only on the basis of ‘reasonable suspicion’ they are involved in or plotting a crime.

Until now, they could not target specific groups – such as focusing on Muslims in the event of an apparent threat from Islamic extremists.

But draft Home Office police guidance, obtained by Liberty, sets down new rules that would allow race to be a basis for stop and search without suspicion. H/T Lee S

UK Parents who fear their children will be at risk of terror attacks on school trips to London to be given ‘opt-out’ choice.

UK DAILY MAIL Parents of more than 100,000 pupils will be warned their children are at risk of terrorist attacks if they go on school trips to London. Northamptonshire County Council is issuing an alert to all 349 of its secondary and primary schools.

Education bosses have ordered head teachers to inform the council if they are planning any school trips to London. When parents fill in permission forms they will be told of the terror risks and given a chance to withdraw their child.