NETHERLANDS: Muslims demand a response to anti-mosque violence

I’ll give them a response: MORE VIOLENCE!

They won’t have to worry about mosque violence when Geert Wilders becomes prime minister because they will be gone.

Islam in Europe Farid Azarkan, chairman of the Cooperation Association of Moroccans in the Netherlands (SNM), wants to meet with Ivo Opstelten, the new minister of Public Safety and Justice, as soon as possible regarding incidents of violence against mosques.

Azarkan says that the Muslims in the Netherlands are getting restless about the graffiti and arson. A mosque in Dordrecht was shot at least week, and there were several cases when dead animals were left next to mosques.
Azarkan says that the politicians should respond with more intensity, as they do when such incidents occur to Jews or gays. He says that Muslims lodge relatively few complaints of arson due to fear of reprisals. (Jews and gays aren’t trying kill all the people who don’t believe what they do like the Muzscum)

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