So what's up with Muslims in Norway?

Yes, Norway. Same crap, different country. Here are a few examples of stories about Muslims making headlines in 2010:

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Woman establishes Jihad-promoting forum

Arfan Q. Bhatti has the distinction of being Norway’s first terrorism suspect. His wife, Marjam Salvesen Bhatti, now runs a Jihadist website, much like Malika el-Aroud, the “mother of al-Qaeda in Europe“.

“I will honor Palestinian, Chechen and other Muslim women who contribute as freedom fighters in the resistance struggle,” says Marjam Salvesen Bhatti.

On Facebook the Trondheim woman established a forum for promoting Jihad, where she publicized a series of pictures of female Jihadists with guns and suicide bombs. For Marjam Jihad is not a negatively charged term, but an obligation for her as a Muslim. LINK

Former terror-suspect organizing Muhammad cartoon protest

See here for more on this story:

Oslo: 1000 taxi drivers protest Muhammed cartoon
Oslo: Taxi drivers continue Muhammed-cartoon protest

Police are concerned because former terror-suspect Arfan Bhatti is among the leaders of a group which is urging to
demonstration against the Muhammed cartoons.

The reactions in several Muslim communities is accelerating after Dagbladet printing one of the controversial Muhammed cartoons [Ed: this was not one of the Jyllands-Posten cartoons] last week. Police are concerned since former terror-suspect Arfan Bhatti is among those who are at the forefront for a big event Friday.

Bhatti defends his past to the members. “That I was a criminal, what does that have to do with my Muslim identity? And who sees my intentions, ONLY Allah,” Bhatti writes. LINK

We want a Taliban-free Norway

Norwegian Muslim Mohyeldeen Mohammad of Larvik praised Allah for the death of four Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan Sunday. The statement caused Frp politician Jan Fredrik Vogt of Sande to demand a Taliban-free Vestfold and Norway and to call to deny the Muslim from returning to the county, be it as a ‘guest, resident or traveling through’.

Minutes after Norwegian media announced that four Norwegian were killed in Faryab province in Afghanistan, Mohyeldeen Mohammad posted the following on his Facebook page: “Allah Akbar! Norwegian terrorists killed in Afghanistan! Alhamdulillah, praised be Allah, this will be celebrated!”LINK

61.5% of Muslims think demonstrations are unreasonable, 44% see signs of radicalization

Norwegian Muslims protested on Saturday as well against what they think is persecution of Muslims in Norwegian society. The signs said “Stop persecution of Islam” and “Yes to freedom of speech – no to abuse”.

“We’re demonstrating against persecution of Muslims in Norwegian society which has been ongoing systematically, with harassment and bullying of Muslims over a long time. The printing of the Muhammed cartoon was the last straw,” Khalil told VG Nett.

During Friday’s demonstration, one of the speakers, Mohyeldeen Mohammad, warned of a terror attack on Norwegian soil.

Frp leader (Progress Party) Siv Jensen warns against what she calls the Islamization of Norwegian society. She accused the Norwegian Labor party and Foreign Affairs Minister Jonas Gahr Støre of weakness and of lacking the will to deal with groups which use fear as a weapon.

“A year ago I was ridiculed because I warned against sneak-Islamization.  Now I can only say that I was right.  Norwegian values are under stronger and stronger pressure.  Islamization is in full swing,” Jensen said at the Oslo Frp annual meeting Saturday. LINK

Allah will decide if it is peaceful

About three thousand demonstrators showed up. “If this will be allowed to continue in the end it will be too late. Then we’ll get a September 11th and a July  7th on Norwegian soil. This is not a threat, but a warning,” says Mohyeldeen Mohammad, spokesperson for “the volunteers” group.

“We have gathered here today to show disgust of the caricatures which Norwegian media has printed as part of the war against Islam,” says the head organizer of the demonstration today. The demonstrators demand an apology from Dagbladet.

The spokesperson for the group, 24 year old Mohyeldeen Mohammad from Larvik, sees the demonstration as a protest against the war against Islam, Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan and mocking the prophet Muhammed. LINK

Terrorist cell planned attacks in Norway

Mikael Davud (39), Norwegian citizen of Chinese-Uighur background, is suspected of leading the cell.

VG reports that the Norwegian security services installed cameras in Davud’s apartment in Oslo. According to the PST, it was there that Davud stored the bomb materials for al-Qaida’s first attack in Norway.

The attack was planned in Norway, but the three hadn’t chosen a concrete target yet. The suspects bought the ingredients for the hydrogen peroxide bombs in February and March of this year. According to the PST they had enough material for a large bomb or several small ones.

The case is compared to a case last year when former Taliban minister Abdul Mohammad Rauf supposedly managed to set up a community with a small group of supporters in a mosque in Oslo.

“In general it’s very ‘classic’ for Jihadists in Europe that just one in the group that plans terrorist acts gets training in camps, and has contact with the leaders, and that they recruit new members who already have citizenship or residence permits in Western countries. There are many similarities here with previous attacks in Europe, both those carried out and planned.” LINK

Shari’a student continues to threaten

Mohyeldeen Mohammad (24), the Norwegian-Iranian who threatened Norway with its own 9/11 during the anti-Dagbladet demonstration last week, remained in the news this week.

On Tuesday Mohammad was interviewed in Communist newspaper Klassekampen and said gays deserved to be stoned.  Then Dagbladet lodged a complaint against him for threatening to kill two of their journalists, after which the police detained and interrogated him today.

Mohammad has been studying Sharia law in Saudi Arabia since last fall.  He was supposed to return to Saudi Arabia this week, but apparently decided to stay.

A Pakistani student was arrested in Manchester, on suspicion of being involved inthe NYC metro bombing plot. Today three people were arrested in Norway, possibly related to the same or similar plot. LINK

Rejected refugees riot to protest living conditions

Police have arrested 23 people on suspicion of arson after last night’s fire that destroyed Lier asylum centre in Buskerud.

“Several residents have warned previously it was only a matter of time before someone either harms of kills himself because of conditions at the institution. Not only do they live under severe mental pressure, but living conditions at the centres are also not fit for human beings,” he says.

The centres house ‘illegal’ refugees who are awaiting deportation after their asylum applications have been a final rejection. All said they’d like to go home to their homeland – but that it was too dangerous. Therefore they have to stay in Norway.

“If I go home, I’ll be killed,” said one. “I’d rather be here than to go home to prison,” said another. LINK

Each of them tells of bad food, not enough food, not enough warm water in the showers, that the internet connection is bad, that they get 100 kroner a week to live on and that they get bad medical care.

“We feel like slaves without a social life. (Awwww, poor baby)