AUSTRALIA: Muslim girl pulls down "bully's" pants

A six-year-old Muslim girl has reportedly been suspended from a Darwin school bus because she pulled down a boy’s pants after he repeatedly teased her about her hijab (Muslim head scarf)

(Maybe the question should be why does a 6 year old girl have to go to school with a bag on her head? Children are mean, get over it or don’t dress your daughter like a freak)

Nine MSNIran Ghavami was given a five-day ban from Buslink after she sought revenge on the seven-year-old boy, who had been allegedly bullying her and telling her to take off the headscarf, the Northern Territory News reported.

Iran’s parents, only one of whom is Muslim, told the newspaper they would have preferred a warning.

The ban means Iran will have to stay home from school, because her parents are unable to make the 60km round trip each day. Muslims Australia president Ikebal Adam Patel expressed dismay at the harsh treatment of the girl.

In a statement on Wednesday, Mr Patel said Iran felt the best and non-violent form of resistance was to expose to the culprit what she would have felt if she gave in to his bullying demands.

“If the boy felt humiliated in front of his peers and friends by being made `naked’ by his pants being pulled down, then this is exactly how the young Muslim hijab wearing student would have felt if, in fact, she did take her hijab off due to his persistent bullying,” he said. (CRAP)

While not condoning the actions of Iran, Mr Patel said such behaviour towards female members of the Australian Muslim community, and especially school students, was becoming prevalent. (Then go live in a country where its OK for women to walk around with bags on their heads)

While most Australians supported Iran’s actions and congratulated her for standing up against a bully, others claim she would not have been subjected to the bullying if she had not been wearing the hijab. Some said Islamic headwear should not be worn to school. H/T TROP