New York Times is pimping for Islam

The NY Times dhimmis (Muslim slaves) are promoting stories about Mosques Opening Their Doors for a ‘Week of Dialogue.’

NY TIMESMuslim organizations have kicked off a “week of dialogue” and mosque open houses across the United States, encouraging their members to invite neighbors and non-Muslim friends to attend Muslim prayers and question-and-answer sessions at mosques.

The aim is to counter “bigotry and Islamophobia” and to “correct the perception of Islam and Muslims in America,” Imam Al-Amin Abdul Latif, president of the Islamic Leadership Council of New York, an umbrella group of mosques and Islamic organizations in the city, said in a statement Monday.

By getting to know each other better, the organizers said, Muslims and non-Muslims can fight a growing and “un-American” hostility to Muslims (hostility toward Muslims is NOT unAmerican, in fact it is very pro-American) that has taken many forms, including opposition to the construction of mosques and Muslim centers from Lower Manhattan to Tennessee to California.

The events began on Sunday with an interfaith gathering on the West Side involving a mosque, a church and a synagogue, with the participation of theAmerican Society for Muslim Advancement, run by (terrorist supporter) Daisy Khan, the wife of the imam involved in planning the (Ground Zero Victory Mosque) Park51, the Muslim center near ground zero.

Events on Wednesday will include an anti-bias task force meeting at the Muslim Center of Long Island, 514 East Third Avenue, in Bay Shore from noon to 3 p.m.; a meeting at Aljaned Islamic Center at 984 Intervale Avenue in the Bronx from 5 to 7 p.m.; and a meeting at Masjid Allahu Akbar at 33 22nd Street in Wyandanch, Long Island.

Perhaps the heart of the dialogue program will take place on Friday, the main Muslim prayer day, when visitors may attend Friday prayers and sermons followed by question-and-answer sessions, said Zaheer Uddin, executive director of the Islamic Leadership Council, also known as the Majlis ash-Shura.

There are three events that day: from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Muslim Center of Long Island; from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Masjid (or mosque) Omar bin Abdul Aziz at 88-29 161st Street in Jamaica, Queens; and at the Masjid al-Farooq, 554 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn (call for time at (917) 295-7808).

There will also be events on Saturday and Sunday. For details, contact the Islamic Leadership Council at (718) 848-8952.

(I would go, but I don’t want to get arrested)

If any of you decide to go to these sessions, be sure to ask them about “TAQIYYA.” (Use the stories/videos below as reference)