Did Terrorist Front Group CAIR's role in Juan Williams firing violate the Foreign Agents Registration Act?

Center for Security Policy President Frank J. Gaffney Jr. said, “Since CAIR’s beginnings in 1994, they have conducted targeted influence operations in the U.S. attempting to censor any criticism of Islam, jihad, and Islamic Shariah law.  Their targets have included dozens of reporters, elected officials and ordinary citizens, but they have never registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.”

BIG PEACE As the most high-profile Muslim Brotherhood front organization in the United States, CAIR was quick to suggest “professional consequences” for Juan Williams’ exercise of free speech.  Late last night the Center for Security Policy distributed the following press release to place the Juan Williams episode in the context of CAIR’s greater goal: to enforce “deterrent punishments” against anyone who dares discuss Islam, Jihad and Shariah Law publicly.

The Center’s CAIR Observatory project tracks CAIR’s apparent violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).  The FARA states that organizations paid by a foreign principal to engage in activities to “influence any agency or official of the Government of the United States or any section of the public within the United States” must register as a foreign agent and report such activity to the Department of Justice.  CAIR has never registered.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, known as CAIR, claims to be Americas largest Islamic civil liberties group. But thats a myth. Here are the facts:

FACT: CAIR is an unindicted coconspirator in the largest terrorism finance trial in Americas history.

FACT: CAIR is being sued by Muslim, African-American and Hispanic families for defrauding them instead of giving them legal help.

FACT: Four CAIR leaders have been convicted of felonies including terrorism.

FACT: Only one percent, ONE PERCENT, of CAIRs latest reported revenues came from Muslim American members.

Meanwhile foreign donors- Saudi Arabia, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait- have given CAIR over six million dollars in cash and loans, and over fifty million dollars in pledges. One percent from members: millions from Saudi Arabia, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.  READ MORE

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