Albany man beaten by a Muslim in homophobic attack

23-year old man suffered a black eye, six stitches, and possible blindness from a beating at a pizza shop by a Muslim employee who allegedly yelled homophobic slurs during the assault.

See video here: FOX NEWS

Vincent Webster and his best friend, who prefers to remain nameless, stopped by Yankee’s Pizza on Central Ave. Vincent said he spilled some parmesan cheese and that is when a confrontation ensued.

“I went to brush cheese off my clothes and one of employees goes you (expletive deleted), get the (expletive deleted) out of my bar, you are making a (expletive deleted) mess you stupid (expletive deleted),” Webster said.

Webster said as he was getting up to leave an employee punched him in the face. “He knocked me in the face multiple times and two other employees working were screaming knock that (expletive deleted) out,” Webster said.
“He provoked me,” 20-year-old Jamil Karimi, who works at Yankee’s Pizza, said. “I hit him once, that is it,” Karimi said.

Albany Police said they arrested Karimi and charged him with assault (3rd Degree). Police said they are looking to see if it is a biased-related crime. H/T herr OYAL