AUSTRALIA: "The Hell with you, we will put our mosques wherever we damn please"

While Muslims demand a high school in Gosnells provide a prayer center, library, and classrooms for Muslims only, Worongary residents complain that a proposed mosque will decrease property values.

(Photos are just some of the monster mosques already in Austalia)

The West The City of Gosnells was accused of discriminating against Muslims in a heated debate over a proposed prayer centre.

As part of a redevelopment of its Thornlie campus in Tonbridge Way, the Australian Islamic College wants a new two-storey library, three new classrooms and continued use of the assembly hall as a mosque for up to 300 people.

Tensions were high with more than 200 people at the council meeting as members of the Islamic community and other residents argued their case on the mosque.

After one minor amendment, the council unanimously approved the library and classroom but said only staff and students could use the hall for worship on the basis of inadequate parking and congestion concerns.

A suggestion by Cr David Griffiths to restrict the hours of use to school hours was thrown out. He said problems with the hall began in 1991 and the council had never approved it for wide community use.

Matthew Foster, a Muslim who has used the hall, questioned why people who attended Christian churches could access various parking facilities but there were such strict rules
imposed on the Islamic college. However, a council planner said those churches were smaller facilities, with fewer users.

Local resident Gordon Martin said the school should be used for educational purposes only.

Outside the meeting, college imam Burhaan Mehtar said he had mixed feelings about the outcome.”With some 3000 people living in the area, to not have a place to pray is really disheartening,” he said.  H/T herr OYAL

Chasing Evil More than 200 objections have been lodged against a mosque proposed for Worongary.

The proposal has ignited passions in the community, with two protests on site attracting hundreds of people and prejudicial graffiti sprayed in the area.

A petition against the mosque collected more than 1600 signatures, while more than 200 objections were received by the Gold Coast City Council during the submission period, which was voluntarily extended for two weeks by the applicant – the Islamic Multicultural Association of the Gold Coast.

Objections lodged ranged from traffic concerns, many taking pains to say it was not on religious grounds, to a mosque in a ‘Christian’ community inviting conflict and even increasing the ‘carbon output’ in the green area.