MEMPHIS: Suspicious Muslims removed from plane

A man, described as wearing traditional Muslim clothing was yanked off a plane and questioned by the FBI after spending an unusually long time in the plane’s bathroom and damaging the toilet. So is it racial profiling? No, it’s terrorist profiling.

WMC TV Some cannot help but think their appearance had something to do with a family’s removal from a plane Tuesday morning at Memphis International Airport. “My understanding is they were dressed in attire that would indicate some Muslim-type religion,” said airport vice-president Scott Brockman.

The Delta flight in question was operated by Comair and made a stop in Memphis on a journey from Dallas to Toronto. “On taxi, the crew became concerned when a passenger exited the lavatory after an extended period of time and damage was found in the lavatory,” said a Comair spokesperson in a written statement.

The family was asked to leave the aircraft, which they did peacefully,” said Brockman.  “At that point, the aircraft was inspected and cleared,” he added. A bomb-sniffing dog and other measures resulted in a two-hour delay.  The family was placed on a later flight following an interview with the FBI.

For now, the airline stands behind the flight crew’s decision and cites safety as their primary concern.

Stupid reporter is shocked that Muslims acting funny on a plane would scare people.