English Defence League to protest Harrow Council over HALAL-ONLY school menus

EDL activists who backed last year’s Harrow mosque protests are set to demonstrate in the borough over HALAL (inhumane) ONLY slaughtered meat on school menus.

Harrow Times The English Defence League (EDL) has fought repeated street battles with Unite Against Fascism UAF (The real fascists despite their name) in cities like Birmingham, Bradford and Bolton, and the two groups look set to meet in Harrow in January.

The organisation is demonstrating against Halal only meat menus in the borough’s schools, an issue that has already proved divisive among residents locally. A statement on a Facebook event created by the group reads: “The English Defence League is against the inhumane slaughter of animals to produce Halal meat.

“The English Defence League is also against the rituals of Islam being forced upon our next generation without choice.”

UAF already look likely to hold a counter-demonstration and the Brent and Harrow branch has emailed supporters warning them of the date. The email states: “If they decide to go ahead with this lunatic scheme, we will mobilise against them.

“They must not be able to invade our borough unopposed. We defend our children’s right to be served (brutally slaughtered) food in school that meets (MUSLIMS ONLY) dietary needs whether these needs are medical or religious.

(MUSLIM) Parents should be confident that their children will be served healthy food that meets their needs and beliefs.” (The Hell with non-Muslim children)

Harrow Council says it has no say over what menus are offered in school canteens and has written to all headteachers in the borough asking them to take into account the needs of all faith groups.(Yet only Muslim needs are accommodated)

From the EDL WEBSITE: Why don’t these lickspittle journalists actually say something about the nature of halal slaughter and the reason why the EDL is against it being fed to non-Muslims without them knowing? Instead, in an article on an EDL anti-halal demo, this journalist feels the need to tell us, yet again, that there has been trouble at EDL demos. His readers already know that! People like him never stop telling them. Change the frigging tune, please.

So the UAF is not just against EDL ‘racism’ or ‘fascism’; it also supports halal slaughter. Scum! Hypocritical, opportunist scum! Filth! This situation occurred way back in the 1980s in Bradford when the SWP supported halal meat against the anarchists who didn’t. They called the anarchists ‘fascists’! Yes. Boring!

There is one reason and one reason only why the UAF/SWP supports halal torture – because they support the Brown Exotic in all cases because they are part of the homogeneous ‘oppressed’. Thus they must also support cliterodectomy (just as Germane Greer does). Or, as the SWP puts it:

With the oppressed always. With the state never.


What a bizarre irony that Trotskyists have become the supporters of a misogynist, racist, expansionist, sharia-supporting and cruel religion. Anything to further the Revolution, eh? Anything to radicalise the prols? ‘Lying for justice’. Hypocrisy and opportunism for justice?


This pathetic journalists even finds the time, in an article about halal torture, to tell us that the UAF/SWP outnumbered the EDL at one of its demos. What more evidence do readers need to show them that this journalists is a UAF/SWP lackey? And an Islamophile to boot!