Grand Opening of the world’s northernmost ‘monster’ mosque with 30′ minarets and occupying land that once housed a Roman Catholic Church, is set to open November 5th.

Paul L Williams, The Last Crusade

It is located in Inuvik, a town with a population of 3,484 in the Northwest Territory of Canada. But there are only between 100-200 Muslims in the area.

Inuvik is inhabited largely by indigenous peoples. The Inuvialuit comprise 40% of the town’s population; the First Nations 20%; and the Metis and other aboriginals 5%. Only 36% is non-native.

Yet this remote outpost, where temperatures fall to -100%F in the dead of winter, is home to over hundred Muslims. The Arctic adherents to Islam are largely Sunni Muslim immigrants from Sudan, Lebanon and Egypt, who moved to Canada’s far north in search of jobs and economic opportunities.

The combined structure has been painted bright yellow and has been wired to glow throughout the 30 days of polar night.

The Muslims say they are making great gains in converting the natives.