OSHKOSH B'GOSH! Home to more anti-mosque fever

OSHKOSH, WI: Proposed mosque faces uphill battle as neighboring property owners have filed a petition opposing an Islamic group’s request to convert a former funeral home into a mosque and community center.

Green Bay Press Gazette The Oshkosh Plan Commission will review the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Oshkosh Chapter’s conditional use permit application. Neighbors, opponents and supporters have let the Oshkosh Community Development Department staff know their opinion of the group’s request, which elicited mixed emotions during a community meeting on Oct. 14.

Forrest and Beverly Ware submitted a petition opposed to the proposed use that included signatures from every property owner adjacent to the proposed site. The petition indicates the property owners “do not feel this to be an appropriate use of a building in a residential neighborhood.”

A similar debate took place in Green Bay earlier this year when city officials received a proposal to open a mosque in a former sporting goods store. Neighbors and others in the community voiced concerns about Muslim extremism and possible violence or other disruptions in the neighborhood.

The City Council, however, voted 9-3 in August to permit the mosque inside the former Bob’s Bait and Tackle Shop, 1512 Velp Ave. The house of worship has since opened without any reports of trouble.

“We will be accommodating to make the neighbors comfortable about it,” Ahmad said. “If needed, if the neighbors are too concerned about it, we can withdraw it.”

The group told city staff it would be willing to remove the request for the community center. But a staff report from the Oshkosh Community Development Department indicates the proposed use as a mosque and community center would be appropriate for a residential neighborhood.

What concerns some neighbors is that members of Islamic sects hold five daily prayer services. Burich said the recommended conditions do not govern the building’s use as a house of worship. H/T Another Infidel

A surprising billboard seen in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a notoriously liberal state.