Witness in Murfreesboro, TN mosque lawsuit says "America would be better off without any Muslims"

“If anyone is teaching out of the Qur’an, then yes, you are breaking the law.” “If the religion of Islam allows men to beat their wives and have sex with children, then it’s against our law,”  “If any so-called religion violates our United States Constitution then it should not stand. People should stand up against that.”

Murfreesboro Post Murfreesboro resident Jeanetta Alford was called to the stand Thursday in an effort by plaintiffs to stop the construction of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in Rutherford County.

The group Alford and other plaintiff’s witnesses fund is called Proclaiming Justice To The Nations (PJTN). The group, described to the Post by President Laurie Cardoza-Moore as a “community activist group,” funds the lawsuit against the county’s May 24 site plan approval for a proposed Islamic community center on Veals Road.

Plaintiffs contend Islam is not a religion and local Muslims should not have been granted such consideration for approval of their mosque’s site plan.

Attorney Joe Brandon Jr. fought through more than 20 sustained defense objections including badgering the witness, being argumentative and asking irrelevant questions. “Isn’t it true that in the Qur’an Mohammad had a six-year-old wife that he had sex with,” Brandon asked a county commissioner on the stand. “Is that your idea of what a religion is?”

The Obama Department of Justice filed an amicus curiae with the court Monday stating unequivocally that Islam is a religion and defended the Constitutional right of Americans to freely worship.

Brandon took issue with the federal government’s position in his questioning of county commissioners he called as witnesses.
“The federal government cited Thomas Jefferson in their press conference. “Is that who they want to cite as an authority?” “Did you say that you want the federal government that supported slavery to tell this court that Islam is a religion,” Brandon asked Jordan.

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