JOE BIDEN tries to cover up Obama's refusal to acknowledge Armenian Genocide

Video shows the Vice President answering the question of a young Armenian-American who expressed his community’s regret that the Obama Administration has not officially recognized the genocide of the Armenian people under the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

Unaware that he was being filmed, Biden told the young man that Armenian President Serzh Sarksyan told him “not to force” the question of Armenian genocide recognition while Armenia and Turkey were talking about resuming diplomatic ties. The Armenian president immediately denied Biden’s claim. “The president of the Republic of Armenia has never called United States Vice President Joe Biden,” said Serzh Sarksyan’s press secretary Armen Arzumanyan on October 27.

Recognition of the 1915 Armenian genocide is one of the most sensitive and emotionally fraught foreign policy issues on the US administration’s agenda. The Armenian diaspora has actively pushed for the systematic massacre of millions of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War I to be officially recognised as genocide, while Turkey, a key US NATO ally, adamantly rejects the genocide label.