'JUST DO IT!' al-Qaeda adopts Nike slogan for its new strategy

ISLAMIC terrorists have been ordered to launch any attacks on the West they can under the motto ‘Just Do It.’

UK SUN Al-Qaeda chiefs are encouraging mayhem of any type – even failed plots. British security officials have branded the tactics shift the “Nike Order” after the sports firm’s famous slogan.

A senior source said: “Al-Qaeda’s operating pattern is changing. They are no longer just after the great spectacular, which takes a long time to organise and is hard to pull off.

“They have realised that even the imperfect attacks that fail generate almost as big headlines around the world – and that is what keeps their brand going.” Sophisticated plans involving many conspirators have been replaced by a series of fanatics acting alone.

They include the US Army psychiatrist who killed 12 people at Ford Hood, Texas, and the foiled underwear jet bomber last Christmas.

Experts also believe successful bids to intercept attacks before they are carried out have driven extremists abroad – making them much harder to detect. Meanwhile, Theresa May yesterday revealed a serious British terror plot is also the work of the extremist group AQAP that led the foiled ink cartridge bombings.

Al-Qaeda AP ‘just did it’ when they launched three aircraft attacks over the past year.

UK Telegraph Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular has claimed responsibility for the parcel bomb attempts foiled last week and bringing down a cargo plane in an earlier attack, boasting: “We struck three blows to your aircraft within one year.”

The Yemen-based terrorist group claimed responsibility for the devices intercepted in Leicester and Dubai last Friday which are thought to have been aimed at trans-Atlantic passenger aircraft. It also said it had blown up a UPS aircraft, which was thought to have crashed after an onboard fire in Dubai on September 3.

Sep 3, 2010 Crew dead in UPS plane crash in Dubai. Plane goes down plus bursts into flames after take-off in uninhabited area missing two major highways

Referring to the failed attempt to blow up an aircraft traveling to Detroit using an underpants bomb on Christmas Day, they addressed President Obama, saying: “We struck three blows to your aircraft within one year.”

The group said that its “advanced devices allow us the opportunity to detonate it remotely in the air or after it reaches its final destination, and it is design to go through all detectors.”

In a communiqué issued on jihadist forums and reported by the SITE intelligence group, AQAP said that it kept activity about the September incident and questioned why the media did not attribute responsibility to them earlier.

“They rhetorically answered that it is perhaps because the Obama Administration wanted to hide the incident so as to conceal security failure before the US midterm elections,” SITE said.

Officials said they had thoroughly analysed the technical data from the digital flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. They said they had “concluded that there was no presence of acoustic evidence or any forensic indication supporting the detonation of an explosive device.”

However they added that the investigation continued to determine the cause of the onboard fire and crash of the UPS aircraft. The investigation teams are scheduled to return to the USA to coordinate further investigation activities with Boeing.

The message said: “We downed the plane belonging to the American UPS company, but because the media of the enemy did not attribute responsibility for this work to us we kept quiet about the operation until the time came that we hit again.

“We wonder: Why did the enemy not show what happened to the UPS plane that was downed?

“Is it because the enemy was not able to detect the cause of the crash, or that the Obama administration wanted to hide the incident… We say to Obama: We struck three blows to your aircraft within one year. Allah willing, we will continue to strike blows against American interests and the interest of America’s allies.”

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