UNHEARD OF! Top military brass jumping Obama ship

Pentagon mass exodus of top military officers gives Obama a chance to wussify the armed forces, and worse.

AOL NEWS In the next several months, the secretary of defense and four of the six uniformed members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are expected to retire. This kind of mass exodus of military brass is “virtually unheard of,” said John Ullyot, a Republican strategist and former spokesman for the Senate Armed Services Committee. “It’s very rare to have so many service chiefs up” all at once, he said.

Commander-in-Chief who can't salute


“Even in peacetime this would be a lot of turnover, a lot of change for the biggest part of the discretionary budget. But in wartime it’s even more complicated and needs to be done with great care to ensure that there’s a smooth transition,” Ullyot said.

The changes in command come as President Barack Obama faces major decision points in the Afghanistan war and prepares to joust with a new, more adversarial Congress over defense spending and his intention to lift the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gays.

“This is where the president makes a lasting impact upon defense policy,” said retired Army Col. and military analyst Kenneth Allard, referring to the Joint Chiefs.  Among the tasks they will carry out, “priorities clearly must respect the need for a leaner, meaner DOD, including the next wave of procurement reform” and winding down the wars in Iraq andAfghanistan, Allard added.

Roblorinov Secretary of Defense Robert Gates along with 4 out of 6 members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will be “retiring.” Are they really “retiring” or quiting?  Now isn’t it “convenient” as this gives BO the opportunity to transform the top leadership of the military and I’m sure he will replace these “retiring” people with PC WIMPS who have never even fired a BB gun! What a load of CRAP! Retiring my behind! They were probably asked to leave or chose to leave on their own because it is well known that the top brass does NOT agree with BO’s “battle plan–NOT” for Afghanistan and they are tired of being mocked and laughed at during WH meetings as reported by Ulsterman’s WH Insider.

With this amount of top brass “retiring” BO now has the opportunity handed to him on a silver platter to revamp US military policy which I am sure will be passive and, basically, he will castrate the US military for a long, long time to come. We have the most powerful military on earth and BO and his cohorts are about the GUT IT.

So BO will have his own hand-picked team running the US military soon and I assure you it will be one more CIRCUS. I assure you he will appoint yes-men-women to these positions who fully support BO and his Communist agenda. BTW Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mullen is also leaving along with Marine Gen. James Cartwright who is Vice Chairman of the JCS. However, news has it that Cartwright might stay on if given the Chairman position. BTW Cartwright is the man who is known as BO’s favorite general because he is the one who crafted the BO administrations Afghan policy. Oh yeah that is working well! So Cartwright is a BO pawn and that is why he might stay and become Chairman.

Current Defense Secretary Robert Gates has already called for DEEP budget cuts for the military across the board. Why? Because he’s become a BO lackey-boy!

Some analysts are saying in the media that the new BO team at the Pentagon will have to be composed of those who are NOT opposed to deep cuts in budget and spending and I’m sure BO will find just the right people for that. You know the type…peace, love, and rock-n-roll MAN.

Now he’s about to GUT the military and if his Rules of Engagement are any indication then WE ARE SCREWED! Under those rules our soldiers in Afghanistant basically CANNOT kill the enemy or defend themselves because it’s all about it being a PC war…you know…just a nice little politically correct war where no Afghan gets killed or hurt but American soldiers die daily!

BO is deballing the military, our defense, our NATIONAL SECURITY. Get ready for the SISSY US MILITARY and I assure you it will be the LAUGHING STOCK of the whole world. We will go from the strongest military on earth to the JOKE of the earth, DEBALLED and SISSIFIED, WEAK and WHIMPY! Don’t believe it? Hide and watch!!