MSNBC's resident lesbian, Rachel Maddow, is upset by Oklahoma's anti-Sharia amendment

Several times I’ve asked people to tell Maddow what they do to homosexuals in Muslim countries but apparently she doesn’t care.

Once again, she has Terrorist Front Group CAIR on to defend the death cult called Islam. They say it’s impossible for a foreign law to take over in this country. If that were true, why are they so afraid to have a law against it?

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Dead bodies of gays killed by Muslims in Iraq










One comment on “MSNBC's resident lesbian, Rachel Maddow, is upset by Oklahoma's anti-Sharia amendment

  1. Does anyone have any news on an ALAC bill in OK? Five states have the law in effect. I read that a Kansas court has aready made a ruling using that law.

    For those unfamiliar with American Law for American Courts, the law’s wording wisely did not use the word sharia.

    The argument that anti-sharia law is unnecessary because of federal and state constitutional supremacy clauses is valid in theory, but in practice we need protection from activist judges and pro-shariah unelected bureaucrats.

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