UK POPPY REMEMBRANCE DAY: Muslims scream, "British Soldiers burn in Hell"

As British Muslim sewage called British soldiers “murderers” and “terrorists,” within just four hours, 260,000 people joined a Facebook Group entitled “Let’s show these poppy burning bastards how many people want them deported” before the group was pulled by Facebook.

Had it been left up, the numbers of people supporting the group would be over a million by now.

UK EXPRESS ISLAMIC protesters sparked national outrage as they burned poppies and chanted ‘British soldiers burn to hell’ during the two minutes silence today. As millions of Brits fell silent in remembrance of those lost in wars, Islamic members of a group known as Muslims Against Crusades called an “emergency demonstration” in Kensington, west London.

Muslims gathered close to the junction of Exhibition Road and Kensington Road, adjacent to Hyde Park and held up banners including ’Democracy burn in hell’ and chanted ’Allah Akhbar’ and Arabic slogans.

As soon as the silence ended, EDL members chanted ’scum, scum, scum’ while one policeman said: “This is so bloody offensive.”

BRITISH RESISTANCE Predictably, the Dhimmis writers have reacted and condemned those who joined theFacebook Group as being part of an “internet mob” and describing the crowd of turning ugly.

They write that it was only a “small” group of moslems who actually burnt the Poppy which represents the sacrifices of so many our our people.  But they do not write that the moslems in this country and worldwide all believe in one thing – that Islam MUST rule the world and anything, even terrorism is justifiable in achieving that end.  Islam is like a cancer and the only way to cure it is to cut it out of your body.

The simple fact is this.  Moslems are only doing what moslems always do.  Colonise and destroy. It is what they do, it is what they exist for, it is their sole reason for existing but for us to blame or hate them for doing that is wrong.  The people we should be hating are the evil politicians allied to big business who have allowed this vile Cult into the civilized Western World.

No, the people who joined the Facebook Group were not a mob, they were the beginnings of a freedom movement that will overthrow the evil globalists who seek to enslave us.



Some photos from the Daily Mail: