Muslims practice STONING at the Hajj pilgrimage

MINA (Saudi Arabia) – SOME 2.8 million Muslim pilgrims clad in white robes symbolically stoned the devil in the Mina valley, near Mecca, on Wednesday, as they launched into the final rituals of the hajj.

STRAITS TimesHaving on Tuesday focused on throwing pebbles at the Jamarat al-Aqaba, the largest of three adjacent walls representing Satan, pilgrims on Wednesday cast their stones at all three sites.

The stoning rituals continue on Thursday before the hajj, the world’s largest annual pilgrimage, winds up the following day.

Thank God. I have fulfilled one of the duties of hajj,’ said Ibrahim al-Asaad, 27, from Syria, as he walked out of the Jamarat complex.

‘I felt I was really stoning Iblees (an Arabic name for the devil). I felt I was insulting him and declaring that I shall not follow him,’ he said.

Iblees in Islamic tradition is a wicked angel who refused Allah’s order to prostrate to his creature, Adam, claiming that being created from fire made him superior to Adam, who was made from the soil. — AFP

In 2006, Hajj ‘stoning’ stampede kills 345.

The dead bodies of victims a stampede in Mina, Saudi Arabia are on the ground in this image taken from TV, Thursday Jan. 12, 2006. Thousands of Muslim pilgrims rushing to complete a symbolic stoning ritual on the last day of the hajj tripped over luggage in Mina Thursday, causing a crush.

REAL Stoning of a woman in Pakistan.