TURKISH GIRL: “I hate USA because USA is supporting Islam in Turkey!”

I just received this heart wrenching plea from a girl who lives in Turkey. It broke my heart as it will yours. THIS is what the Muslim in the White House is doing to countries that are trying to avoid Islamization, like Turkey and Kenya, and what he is trying to do to America, as well.

10 years ago, I was a happy child, thinking that I will enjoy a happier, more and more non-Islamic lifestyle as I grow up but things went complety in the opposite direction thanks to USA!

Even though there are millions of people in this country who are willing to give up on Islam in a second, your idiot government, just for some short-term benefits, supported the “soft-core” Islamic government which is currently ruling our country. -And as a side note, it started with George W. Bush, but Obama’s “religious freedom” bullshits are not more appealing either.

(But unlike George Bush, Obama supports the total Islamization of your country: barack-obama-is-ecstatic-that-the-new-referendum-will-transform-the-secular-state-of-turkey-into-an-islamic-republic)

How many of you is aware that there exist an extremely strong, very rich, very crowded and ever growing Islamic community in the heart of USA, in Pennsylvania? Their leader couldn’t prosper in his own lands which was much less Islamic at the time, and found shelter in the soothing arms of mother America. (Yes, Turkish girl, some of us are aware of it: the-most-dangerous-islamist-in-the-world-has-been-lauded-by-bill-and-hillary-clinton)

Now, this community is remotely controlling Turkey and definitely have an agenda, as any Islamic formation does. If not, why would they open hundreds of schools, institutions all around the world, including Africa, or so eagerly fill American colleges with their students, or putting their men in important positions anywhere they can reach?

These people, they are not terrorists, in the common meaning of the word, they are worst. They generate ideology, they persuade people, they provide education and shelter for those in need. They are smart, silent and patient. Their “soldiers” do not wear turbans, they are -only the males of course- with their jeans and printed shirts, are indistinguishable from the majority.

Currently, we are discussing in Turkey, about letting women cover their heads in universities. They say that covering your head with a piece of cloth is “freedom” and that our previous secular laws, by forbidding women to wear this shit at school are fascist laws that  abuse the right of education.

Noone talks about the majority of women in this country who suffer because of Islamic codes which become widespread in the society. Those who are beaten because they wear jeans, those forced to wear veils, those inherently forbidden to go to college as they are women. Our secular laws were written at the time of our revolution to promote the positive change in the female profile of a country that was once ruled by sharia for centuries and now, they are trying to take us all the way back!

The worst thing is that this is all going very slowly. People are just getting used to it without even realizing what is happening. Millions of men and women think that they will still be enjoying their non-Islamic lifestyles even though some “tolerance”, some “rights” are given to those Islamic people. I totally disagree! Once they got the power, Islam will not favour us with some “tolerance”.

Please someone do something? I am so scared that suddenly they will force me hide my hair and eventually stone me to death because I have a boyfriend -which makes me an inexcusable bitch under moronic Islamic considerations.Anyway, thank you for this upright webpage.


I don’t know what to say, Turkish girl. We now have a Muslim president who more than half the country hates and will likely vote out of office in two years. I will forward your letter to my Congressman who will soon be the new head of the Homeland Security committee. Sadly, we cannot change what your government is doing but hopefully, the next president will not support your Islamist leaders as the current one does.

Please send your letters here where many thousands of people will see them and perhaps will be picked up by the national media.