HIJAB HILLARY condemns the increasingly popular ‘anti-Islam’ policies of Europe. AGAIN!

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has criticized the state of religious freedom (only re: Muslims) in Europe, as Washington highlighted policies and attitudes toward Muslim veils and Islam as a whole. (Who cares?)

Does it bother you that the Secretary of State sides with the same people who are bent on destroying Western civilization? How much more money is she getting from the Saudis? And this is not the first time Hillary did a hit job on Europe for the way they are trying to stop the Islamization of their countries: hijab-hillary-condemns-white-europeans-for-being-mean-to-muslims

AFP Several European countries have placed harsh restrictions on religious expression,” Clinton said, without elaborating as she unveiled the State Department’s report on international religious freedom for the last year.

Her assistant secretary for human rights, Michael Posner, cited France’s ban on wearing the niqab and other face coverings in public places and a Swiss motion passed last year that bans building new minarets. Both measures have been criticized as intolerant moves stigmatizing Europe’s growing Muslim population.

Posner acknowledged “growing sensitivity and tension in Europe” over Islam.”What we are urging our European friends to do is to take every measure to try to alleviate that tension,” he added. (Mass Deportations would be a good start)

The different attitudes toward Muslims in Europe and the United States are the source of frequent tensions and misunderstandings between both sides of the Atlantic.

“We have gone to court in the United States to enforce the right of Muslim women and girls to wear a burqa, and on the streets, in schools, et cetera,” said Posner. (And you are proud of promoting the oppression of women in America?)“That’s our position. It’s a position we articulate when we talk to our European friends.” (No wonder our European ‘friends’ loathe Obama)

France’s law banning veils — passed last month — was considered an especially controversial move in a country with Europe’s biggest Muslim population, estimated at nearly six million. The Netherlands is expected to follow suit.

Clinton defined religious freedom as the ability for people to freely practice their faith, raise their children within those traditions, publish religious texts without censorship and to be able to either change religion or practice none. (Something none of her favorite Muslim countries do)

She noted strong US opposition to any legislation condemning religious libel because of freedom of expression concerns.(Except Obama favors the anti-blasphemy resolution now being pushed by 57 Islamic nations in the UN)

The State Department’s annual report — covering a period from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 — found that respect for religious freedom deteriorated in Afghanistan and Iran while China and Indonesia earned mixed scorecards.


While she’s bashing Europe, Hillary condemns Israel for violating religious freedom at the same level as Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan and China.

Part I of the Executive Summary discusses overall conditions during the reporting period in countries where “violations of religious freedom have been noteworthy.” Israel is listed among 30 nations selected for this category — including Afghanistan, China, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen — due to the emphasis of the Jewish State on maintaining the status quo with regard to respect for Jewish legal standards. READ MORE