[UPDATED] AUSTRALIA: Muslim woman accuses cop of racism for trying to pull off her headbag

But the policeman’s car-mounted video proved otherwise.

NEWS AU .Senior Constable Paul Fogarty pulled over Carnita Matthews, 45, on June 8 this year at Woodbine in Sydney’s southwest. She later filed a police complaint claiming he tried to pull off her hijab, niqab which concealed her entire face except for her eyes.

Const Fogarty, of Macquarie Fields Highway Patrol, told the court he twice asked Ms Matthews to remove her veil because he couldn’t fully see her face. “I just wanted to verify so I  gestured for her to lift her hijab,” he said.

A police video of the incident, which was played to the court, showed Const Fogarty approaching Ms Matthews’ black Honda Odyssey and checking her identity. He then issued her with an infringement notice for not displaying her green P plates properly.

At this point Ms Matthews becomes irate, accusing Const Fogarty of being “racist”, according to the police video. “All cops are racist,” she is heard saying. You know you are giving me a ticket for crap.”

Police prosecutor Lisa McEvoy asked Const Fogarty if he objected to being called racist. He agreed, saying: “Because I’m not.”

“Did it have any bearing on you that she had a face veil?” Ms McEvoy asked. “It (issuing the fine) was because she did not have her P plates showing,” he replied

The Muslim woman was subsequently charged with one count of knowingly making a false complaint. She pleaded not guilty to the charge in August, and at Campbelltown Local Court today her lawyer, Stephen Hopper, said police had failed to verify the identity of the person making the complaint. (Well, Duh, that’s why he asked her to lift up her headbag)

This means they cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was his client who made it, Mr Hopper said. H/T Matthew

MUSLIM woman who accused a New South Wales police officer of forcibly removing her face veil has been sentenced to six months’ jail.

Carnita Matthews, 46, of Woodbine in Sydney’s south, had in August pleaded not guilty to one charge of knowingly making a false complaint relating to events in June.

But in Campbelltown Local Court today, Magistrate Robert Rabbidge said the “evidence was overwhelming” that Matthews had submitted a false declaration to police. “There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind beyond a reasonable doubt that she knew that the complaint she was making was false,” he said in sentencing Matthews.

The mother of seven was stopped in June by a police officer at Woodbine for a random breath test. (SEVEN? Oh great, now the taxpayers have to pay for her incarceration as well as welfare she’s probably collecting for her litter) NEWS AU H/T Annemarie V