SWEDEN: Death of a nation

‘Perhaps the worst treason in modern history.’

One of our readers from Sweden, Robin, translated this article from a Swedish publication. It is very hard to believe that a once great nation would do this to itself, but just look at the UK. Germany has awakened to the total failure of multiculturalism, why not Sweden?

On Wednesday, Swedish Parliament decides on a new constitution.Through a wide range of transformative changes Sweden – in violation of citizens who – in even more a vassal to the EU. Multiculturalism becomes imperative, the power centralized in the Big Brother state, the municipalities will lose much of their autonomy and the Swedish citizenship becomes a worthless dummy.

(English starts at 0:12)

The transformation of Sweden into a multicultural hell that was started by a unanimous parliamentary resolution in 1975 cast nowdefinitively in the concrete. Thus completes the Swedish government and parliament, the treason which they assiduously worked on for four decades.

The Swedish policy-makers can not get enough of multiculturalism. Now it is written into the Constitution and is mandatory. The decision will be taken on Wednesday by the seven old parliamentary parties. Only Sweden Democrats will vote against the new Constitution. The Seven-party (so called because of their complete consensus) is in final concrete casting of history’s greatest economic, social, demographic and cultural fiasco, the multicultural social experiment.

They not only relegate Sweden to a unique position in the international league folly – they also dig their own graves with haste it seems. But they do not understand. The power elite think they are invulnerable. Blinded by the simplicity, power drunk and political illusions carve it on what will be its own downfall.

Segregation will be promoted

The new law says: “Ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities ability to retain and develop its own culture and community life will promoted. “Formerly known as the” should be promoted, now becomes the “must”.

A imperative terms. We can look forward to even greater Islamization, more honor and shame killings, more culturally conditioned criminality, more coercive and child marriages, more maidenhead surgeries, more Iraqi multimillion-dollar fraud involving the family employed as personal assistants to healthy people, more cases of arson in schools and cars, more stone-throwing against the police and rescue personnel, more robberies and rapes against 84-year-olds, and more beatings by male obstetricians to the the wrong sex.

Such elements are of course in some immigrant communities culture. We must understand. According to the cultural relativism that has lulled the entire Swedish political and media elite in a comfortable anesthesia are all cultures equally well, even those who are wont to throw their daughters out of the balconies,forced marry minors, would execute homosexuals and see women as inferior alternative creatures that men have the right to do what they want to. To name just a few of the features of the multiculturalism in increasing rate is about to dismantle the former welfare state Sweden and turn it into a socially, culturally and economically developing country.

The change was sneaked through

Amendments to the Constitution are so important that it takes two parliamentary decisions with a choice between. The Constitution is the floor joists in social structure, the foundations that underpin democracy. The Swedish people have clearly right to inspect and give their views on such a large legislative amendment. But as usual, they sneaked the really big changes through without debate and over people’s heads, while the mass media look the other way and observe the utmost silence.

The first constitutional change decision was taken on June 2. This is what the country’s largest morning paper, Dagens Nyheter, has been able to accomplish if amendment to the constitution – the magazine seems to have made an effort to find the most trivial points in the 423-page government bill.

Other constitutional amendments are much more momentous

Immigrants do not need to learn Swedish

Immigrants may be constitutionally protected rights to segregate themselves themselves from their new homeland and the Swedish population. They need not learn Swedish or otherwise adapt to Sweden. SFI (school for immigrants) can be closed. Where the state can save millions.

The school is obliged to offer not only the mother tongue education but education in all languages and dialects. “A Vietnamese immigrant family in the town of Blattnicksele can with the constitution require that the local school hires a Vietnamese-speaking teacher only their children, “writes the blog Hayekinstitutet, who calls the new constitution “a nice little coup d’etat”.

Health services have to employ staff who speak all possible languages and dialects, such as Swahili, Pashto and Dari. Swedish immigrants speak some 200 different languages, including Arabic is now the third largest after the Swedish and Finnish. All language should naturally be available to immigrants.

Being a Swedish citizen loses its significance. In the Act changed consistent words “every citizen” to “everyone”. Each who happen to reside in Sweden, although illegal, have the same status as the Swedish citizens. Native Swedes who have built the country has thus same value as illegal immigrants.

Robin’s note: I have translated the text with Google and tried to correct as many goofs the machine text made. I hope it is understandable. This is just a portion of the article as it is copyrighted to the pseudonym of Julia Caesar, a swedish journalist blogging under alias on a danish blog called Snaphanen, for the sole reason of fear of being persecuted in her own country. I’ll link to the full article. if you’re interested you can translate it by Google yourselves and if the machine goofs up, please tell me and I’ll try to clear up the eventual machine goofs.


This is the heartbreaking part that Robin added later:

I just posted about it because I don’t know for how much longer I will remain free to post like this. The persecutions will probably increase already early next year. That’s what I expect. It’s nothing you will read about in MSM though. They will try to keep the fake facade of democracy as long as they can. Our parliament consists of a total of 349 representatives of what now 20 belongs to the SD. The latter the only ones we can be sure they will vote against it. The rest of them will commit high treason and if I had my way, they would all be drawned and quartered like in old times. There is nothing more despicable than betraying one’s own people and country. They all deserve to die and go to hell after that. They deserve no quarter what-so-ever.