How does a Commander-in-Chief spend Thanksgiving?

2009 and 2010: Barack Hussein Obama had a quiet time with family in the White House.

Army Times-President Obama has called 10 members of the armed services stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan to wish them and their families a happy Thanksgiving. (WOW! Ten calls, must have been exhausting)

The White House says Obama thanked two each from the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy for their service and sacrifice. He made a similar series of phone calls last year. The calls came as the president, his wife Michelle and their daughters Malia and Sasha spent the holiday at the White House.

On Wednesday, Obama pardoned Apple and Cider, two 21-week-old, 45-pound turkeys raised on a farm outside Modesto, Calif.

2003:  George W. Bush made a very dangerous trip to war-torn Iraq. (Great video, don’t miss it)