Russians are repulsed over Muslim slaughter of sheep in the streets of Moscow

Millions of Muslims celebrated the Eid al-Adha in Russia. By tradition, the faithful sacrifice a sheep. But the brutal Muslim slaughter is often done right on the pavement of Moscow streets, to the shock and outrage of non-Muslims.

Russian woman tries to work her way past the slaughter in the street

In the North Caucasus, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan still, Muslim majority areas inhabited by Turks, the celebrations passed without incident. However, in places where people are predominantly Orthodox Christian, as in Moscow or St. Petersburg, which have recently experienced a strong Muslim migration, citizens have expressed their outrage at the slaughter of sheep in the middle of the streets.

Last year, the sacrifice of a sheep in a town square of Moscow outraged local residents. Since then, Muslim religious authorities have demanded that the rituals of the faithful are seen in the private area and that some discretion is used for the celebrations. Although no such incident has been reported this year, several complaints have been reported on the corpses of sheep being dragged through the streets, tied up at a bus stop or slaughtered in vans parked near the mosque.

In Tver , Muslims sacrifice an animal in front of a church located near the mosque. InVladivostok , the slaughters were held to a daycare. The importance of gatherings around mosques for prayer times also posed a problem. In Moscow, women were prevented from returning home or going to their work by men who refused them to pass next to them during prayer.

The more reasonable of the two communities are trying to find solutions that everyone can meet their own needs. Some Russian Christians have proposed building more mosques with enclosed courtyards. Muslims have suggested that the sacrifices take place outside the city, in spaces reserved for that purpose. But these attempts are discussed on internet forums between right-wing activists, who call for “cleansing cities of the Muslim scum” and Muslim extremists, who respond that “we must slit the throats of infidels bastards and not sheep. “

Praying Muslims littering the streets of Mosque.