Stupid white American woman convert to Islam bashes the 'misunderstanders' of Islam

Lindsey Faraj, student at the University of North Carolina, (Faraj? Must be her ‘I married a Moozlim’ name) wants to teach you a lesson about Islam.

Charlotte Observer As a white American of European descent, I’ve personally seen the world from both perspectives. Only after becoming acquainted with Arab-American classmates in college was I interested in learning more about their fascinating culture, as well as their religion of Islam. After years of casually learning about Islam, I became one of several thousand Americans, most of whom are women, to convert to Islam. (Hmmm, so much for women being the smarter sex)

We’re all bombarded on a daily basis with the latest in sports, political and world news, and we often take the initiative to look further into stories and topics that interest us. So why is it that one of the most significant topics of the past decade continues to also be one of the most misunderstood? Islam, by far, is one of the most controversial subjects today, yet since the attacks on 9-11, there has been a mere 6 percent increase in the number of people who know some or a lot about Islam, according to Pew Research.

A lack of communication (Ah, hah, the Obama excuse) and interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims is partially to blame for this growing disconnect. (Um, no, it’s the interaction between Muslims on planes and tall buildings)

Some Muslims understandably withdraw from society, fearing rejection and discrimination, especially amidst stories of nationwide hate crimes. (Yet according the FBI’s recent list,  Jews are 9 times more likely than Muslims to be the target of hate crimes: 2009 Hate Crimes by Religion)

At the same time, many non-Muslims may feel uncomfortable interacting with someone whose religion they believe is significantly different from their own – a belief held by an astounding 65 percent of non-Muslims polled in a separate Pew Research poll. (Wrong again, it isn’t that Islam is ‘different,’ it’s that Islam calls for the torture, taxing, and/or killing of non-believers)

My observation of various practices of Islam had an impact on my life, including the five daily prayers and fasting during the Islamic month of Ramadan, but nothing like my decision to observe the headscarf did. For the first time, I was occasionally subjected to discriminatory looks and actions, sometimes even being told to “go back to my country.” (Well then,  for sure CAIR will file a lawsuit on your behalf) My fair skin and blue eyes meant nothing – my headscarf, it seems, now says it all. (Can’t argue with you there) I now understand that it is only human nature to dislike that which we are ignorant of, and that the only way to coexist with one another is to educate ourselves on the diverse array of people who also call America their home. (Sorry, sweet pea, it’s the ignorant people who believe that crap about Islam being a religion of peace)

If one were to choose to become acquainted with just a few of the millions of American Muslims, they would likely find that many aren’t so different after all. In fact, nearly one-quarter of the Muslim population in America are recent converts of white and African-American descent, most with Christian backgrounds, according to a 2007 Pew Forum survey. (There you go, THESE are the ignorant Americans whom you mentioned above)

Perhaps more surprising would be the actual teachings of Islam, which are likely to contrast with numerous common misconceptions. Islam’s similarities to the other Abrahamic faiths can perhaps serve as a fantastic starting point for some much-needed interfaith dialogue. (Yes, indeed, let’s look at all the similarities : a-1400-year-old-book-that-dictates-muslim-behavior-today)

From the belief in one true God, referred to as Allah; the belief in many of the prophets found in other Abrahamic faiths; and the belief in both Jesus and the Virgin Mary; one is sure to find that these three faiths stem from the same foundation, but have branched off into various directions over time. (Perhaps, but Jews and Christians have evolved with the times and Muslims remain stuck in the 7th Century, trying to convince themselves that Jesus and Moses were slaves of Islam)


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  1. I have never read a more tasteless or uninformed article in my life. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I don’t care what religion you practice, but I am certain that it calls for tolerance and peace, whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, etc. I am sure that whatever god you choose to worship would be disappointed by your conduct on this website. Make sure you judge yourself before passing judgement upon others.
    Hachouma 3lik. I’ve never been more disappointed in humanity.

  2. Why are you trying to argue against someone’s faith? Let people believe what they want. If you think you’re right and all knowing then good for you, you’ll avoid whatever consequence you believe occurs to those in opposition. How does it benefit you at all for criticizing another for their beliefs? You can’t generalize people into one category based on religion. There are bad Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists just as there are good ones. Get over yourself.

  3. If you refuse to submit, you will die only once.
    If you submit to Islam, you will die every single day afterward.
    I have a savior.
    You have a prophet.
    I would not change places with a Muslim, ever.

  4. Your “Allah” is a demon.
    Your religion is nothing more than Arabic paganism.
    You have nothing for us, except your demand that we submit.
    And you’ll never have ANYTHING MORE!

    • PROVE IT, “John”, you Moslem shill!!!!

      Take your taqiyya and your kitman elsewhere!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM, with its infinitely-many MISERIES and EVIL for innocent animals like dogs and pigs on one side, all “halal” animals on another and yet more evil for those neither “haram” nor “halal”!!!!!

      • While we’re at it, Ms. BNI, thanks for letting me know about those idiots getting their comments deleted on old stories – will gladly stop responding…

  5. What.

    Say whatever you want about Islam, I don’t care, but how dare you claim to be “exposing” a religion by ridiculing a woman you don’t know about her life decisions, throwing a few irrelevant insults here and there. Yes, I totally saw the “bare naked” truth about the lives of over 2 billion people.

    I hope you learn how to write an actual article, and that in your desperation you find some sense of credibility you can cling to.

    a white American girl who might just “ruin my life” by converting to Islam

  6. and if u do not believe me and will fall for the turn of that pedophilia was not in islam have a quick search on the story of Aisha and verse 65:4 with a verse somewhere in chapter three which is alahzab which states that women who werent touched do not need Iddah which clearly indicates that an immature wife who has Iddah was touched 😛 or in the clear arabic was F….. which is again translated as desired :) check this too plz'an

  7. you should check how it is in Arabic where women are sex fields for men and immature girls (who precisely have not had their period yet) are lawful wives… this is a cult dear and besides converting in a religion given through English translation means that you missed at least half of the truth you will never know because u can not read Arabic :) like the verse where it clearly says that god forgives if u were the man who was not able to hold urself back from raping ur slave girl… and the fact that mohammed was given authority to sleep with every woman he desired and could divorce any one he did not desire.. as well as little details of how infidels should be killed(those who do not accept the faith) and how jews are pigs and chritians are lost ppl who worship three gods… if this is the religion u want to have around ur child, be their guest :)

  8. I am recently converting my religion is Islam I have a lot of questions. I would greatly appriciate if u would send me an email. I am white American women, early 30’s.

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