ANOTHER Cargo Plane crashes after takeoff?

KARACHI, Pakistan: A cargo plane crashed into a residential area of Pakistan’s largest city soon after takeoff Sunday, setting off a huge blaze.

Let’s see, while the TSA is feeling you up and making you into an internet porn star, al-Qaeda’s focus has shifted to cargo planes. I believe they are testing bombs to see what can get thru security in the cargo hold as well as remote controlled detonations and/or timers, in preparation for taking down passenger planes.

AP – An Associated Press reporting team at the scene said several buildings were on fire and loud explosions were being heard. The plane came down in a housing complex for Naval officers, the reporters said.

Aviation authority spokesman Pervais George said the Russian-made cargo plane was heading to Sudan when it came down two minutes after take off. He said he could not confirm any information on casualties.

The crash was the third in less than four months in Pakistan.

Earlier this month in Karachi, 21 people were killed when a small passenger plane crashed soon after take off. In July, a passenger jet operated by Pakistan carrier Airblue crashed into hills overlooking the capital, Islamabad, during stormy weather, killing all 152 onboard.

September 2010 UPS Cargo Plane crashes just after takeoff from Dubai.