Hey, all you liberal slimebags who think the "poor, innocent" Somali MUSLIM bomber was set up by the FBI

Mohamed Mohamud ‘s own family ratted him out to the FBI about his terrorist inclinations.

TIME (H/T Katherine) Mohamud’s mother and father and his two sisters have remained silent since his arrest. (The Oregonian identified the parents as Mariam and Osman Barre; they reportedly split up a few years ago.) However, one prominent member of the Somali community in Portland says a relative played some role in helping to put the FBI on the young man’s trail — though that relative was almost certainly unaware of the scale it would assume. “Before this happened, the father informed Homeland Security and the FBI that something was going on with his son, claims Isgow Mohamed, the executive director of the Northwest Somali Community Organization who says he knows Mohamud’s family well and had been in touch with them. “This a good family. The father in an engineer at Intel! This is not somebody who is on public assistance. He is a family man, a businessman, a religious man, a soccer player!”

Mohamud seems to have been almost as angry at his family. The FBI affidavit never explains what prompted the Bureau to put Mohamud on the no-fly list, which prevented him from traveling to Alaska last June and got him an FBI interrogation instead, where he admitted that he had originally been planning to go to Yemen where he knew someone. It does say however that Mohamud later emailed the undercover FBI operative to say, “I was betrayed by my family, I was supposed to travel last year but Allah had decreed that I stay here longer.” And according to the FBI report, in a goodbye video Mohamud recorded on Nov. 4 after a practice detonation, he had a specific message “to my parents, who held me back from jihad in the cause of Allah, I say to them, if you make allies with the enemy, then Allah’s power will ask you about that on the day of judgment.”