Muslim woman says, "Yes, go ahead, PROFILE ME"

SHE’S A ONE IN A BILLION! Muslim author, Asra Q. Nomani, argues the case FOR religious/racial profiling.

The Daily Beast– In a debate, I said, “Profile me. Profile my family,” because, in my eyes, we in the Muslim community have failed to police ourselves. In an online posting of the Intelligence Squared video, a Muslim viewer called me an “Uncle Tom.”

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  1. What a taqiyya weasel. The issue is not race or nationality. The issue is islam. We must discriminate on the basis of whether or not persons identify themselves as muslim.

    A line at the airport just for caucasians? Nope, because there are caucasian muslims.

    And jihadis are just as likely to come from Britain as from Pakistan. So the visa argument as “useful” discrimination, is just obfuscation.

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