Portland lefties show outpouring of support for burned mosque

But not a word about the Somali Muslim who tried to blow up thousands of their neighbors at the Christmas Tree lighting. Quick, somebody tell them it was probably a Muslim who set the fire (Notice how ONLY the office was burned, not the prayer room).

OREGON LIVE– CORVALLIS — The parking lot in front of the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center filled Monday with community members and religious leaders uniting against the arson that charred the mosque’s office the day before.

“This shouldn’t happen here – it shouldn’t happen anywhere – but Corvallis is a wonderful, open community,” said Laurie Holst as she stopped by the mosque to drop off a potted plant and card. The gifts were part of a growing cluster of poinsettias, bouquets and cards placed in front of the men’s entrance to the mosque. (Pathetic leftie Muslim apologist scum)

A police sergeant discovered the fire about 2:15 a.m. Sunday. It was contained to the office, damaging 80 percent of that area. The fire followed the arrest of Mohamed Osman Mohamud in a Portland bomb plot. Mohamud, a Somali-born naturalized U.S. citizen, was a student at Oregon State University and occasionally attended the center.

The FBI is sending evidence from the fire scene to its main laboratory in Quantico, Va., for evaluation by specialists. The agency is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case. (Question the members of the mosque first)

“We have made it quite clear that the FBI will not tolerate any kind of retribution or attack on the
Muslim community,”
said Arthur Balizan, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oregon. “We will find the person responsible for this attack and bring the full force of the federal justice system to bear.” (But your leftie judge will probably let the Muslim bomber go free)

“This is as abhorrent as what happened in Portland — this is just wrong, it shouldn’t happen anywhere or here,” she said, fighting back tears. “I want these folks that worship here to know that this is not Corvallis … it’s some redneck idiot.” (That’s right, some ‘redneck’. Don’t expect sympathy from the rest of the country when the next Muslim bomber is successful)

For Mohamed Siala, the director of the mosque, the outpouring of support served as a silver lining. “This is how the community in Corvallis is here,” he said as he spoke with Benjamin Barnett, rabbi at Beit Am, a local synagogue. “We want you to pray for us and use this opportunity to get closer to each other.” (Bite me, Jewboy)

Barnett said members of his synagogue planned to meet to discuss what they can do to best offer support — fundraising probably won’t be necessary because the damage will be covered by insurance. (Hope you have enough to pay off CAIR when they sue ya)

“The main thing we want to do is show solidarity,” Barnett said. “The news should be that the majority of us want to stand side by side.” (That’s right Jewboy, support the people who want to cut your damn head off)