AUSTRALIA: Horrified judge denies bail to Muslim who cut off his ex-partner's tongue

A South Australian man who allegedly sliced his ex-partner’s tongue in half after tracking her down in Queensland has been refused bail by a horrified female magistrate.

Mutilating women is a very common practice among Muslim men as you an see by the photos.

COURIER MAIL (H/T Susan K) Mohammed Tahir, 21, was charged with torture, acts intended to maim or disfigure and grievous bodily harm after the alleged attack on the
Gold Coast earlier this month. His lawyer argued he should be released to care for his sick father.

However, police strongly opposed bail, saying Mr Tahir had tracked his ex-partner down to Queensland despite her changing her name by deed poll and changing her phone number three times.

He allegedly found her at her Surfers Paradise unit, bashed her with a rum bottle and used a knife to cut open her mouth and slice her tongue.

The court was told her injuries were the worst a Gold Coast Hospital emergency department doctor had seen. Magistrate Catherine Pirie said the alleged attack was “horrifying and brutal”.”I’ve been on the bench more than 10 years and I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this,” she said.

Ms Pirie said the case against Mr Tahir was “exceedingly strong” and it would be”entirely inappropriate’ to grant him bail.