INDIANA UNIVERSITY: Suspect in multiple attacks on Jewish targets is a 'bearded male,' age 40 -50

Three new attacks on Jewish targets at Indiana University, following two earlier incidents, included the desecration of Jewish facilities and urination on holy texts. And yet there have been no words of condemnation from Barack Obama, even though one of the attacks involved desecration of Jewish religious texts.

JTA A rock was thrown Tuesday morning through the window of an apartment above the Chabad Jewish student center, located just off the university campus, nearly hitting a student and putting a hole in the opposite wall. Four non-Jewish students live in the Chabad apartment.

Less than an hour later, a rock was thrown at the staff directory glass display case for the Robert A. and Sandra B. Borns Jewish Studies Program, causing damage.

On Monday evening, eight religious volumes in Hebrew removed from shelves at a university library were urinated on in eight different bathrooms in the library area, according to reports.

Bloomington police reportedly have a description of a suspect, allegedly seen at the site of one of the incidents. Reportedly it is a bearded male aged 40 to 50.

Meanwhile, Jewish students at the University of Ottawa have rebuilt a metal and wire menorah after their 10-foot-high menorah was stolen and later found badly damaged.

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But what does it all mean?

Gary Fouse – For those of you who have no experience in Europe, you should know that things like this are happening regularly in most western European nations-and worse. In places like Malmo, Sweden, Jews are leaving in droves because they cannot walk the streets safely wearing any sign of their Jewishness. Synagogues are being defaced as well as Jewish
cemeteries. Anti-Semitism in Europe has seen a rise not seen since the 1930s and 1940s.

It is alarming and shocking, yet the political leaders in Europe and the police don’t know what to do about it. It is largely swept under the rug. Why? Because the fires of anti-Semitism are being stoked largely by Muslim immigrants who have brought their old hatreds with them to their adopted countries, countries in which many of them have absolutely no respect for western values and traditions.  In addition, they are reinforced by neo-Nazis and skin-heads.

Yet, this scourge is increasing here as well. Why now? A large factor, perhaps the largest, is the Israel-Palestinian conflict, in which the PR forces of the Palestinian cause have become large and sophisticated. In most countries in Europe, Israel is viewed as the bad guy, the oppressor, as they struggle to survive as a nation in the face of terrorism. Here as well, many have come to view Israel as the inconvenient nation.

“When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-semitism.” – Martin Luther King, Jr., Harvard University 1968

Lies, Half-truths and Distortions

Campus Intifada – On American college campuses, many pro-Palestinian activists use unverified news stories and misleading information about the facts on the ground. One example of this is that during Operation Cast Lead, college students put forward the unverified story that Israel had hit a UN school in Gaza.  Later reports proved that mortar shells fell in the street near the compound, and not on the compound itself.  However, by that time, the damage had already been done as many students had already formed their opinions based on the original misinformation.

Follow the Money

Over the last twenty years, hundreds of millions of dollars have been poured into American universities by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries which are hostile to Israel’s very existence, with the specific goal of influencing students’ views on the Middle East and Israel. The education that students in Middle Eastern departments are receiving is likely to be unbalanced and anti-Israel as a result of this direct line of funding.

The Muslim Student Association

The MSA organizes anti-Israel events on campus, often sponsoring events with radical speakers that support violence and suicide bombings. The MSA has foundational ties to the Muslim brotherhood, a group created with the explicit goal of implementing Sharia Law across the world. The MSA often works to advance one of the Brotherhood’s goals by advocating for the destruction of Israel.

Not Just about Israel

Another of The Muslim Brotherhood’s aims is to destabilize the West. They believe in a “grand Jihad,” claiming that Western civilization needs to eliminated from within. The Brotherhood is not just fighting against Israel, but also against America and western countries that promote democratic values.

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So who is propagating this? To start with, we have to go to the pro-Palestinian forces in this country. I’m not talking about terrorists and suicide bombers here. No, I am talking about mostly educated people, many from the Middle East, many who are teaching in our universities-like Indiana University. These people are spreading the message that Israel is an evil state supported by the US and those so-called “Zionists” (code word for Jews).

These are not just Muslims. There are also the folks on the far-left who have spent their lives trashing the US-their own country. Since the US is Israel’s ally, they have found common cause with the pro-Palestinian crowd. It’s sort of like killing two birds with one stone. You can trash both Israel and the US in one sentence-while speaking in front of a microphone or standing in front of a class teaching.

Which brings us back to our universities-like IU. The American university is the focal point for the pro-Palestinian-anti-Israel movement. Muslim Student Associations and their leftist, radical allies-including many Jews who hate Israel. Many of these allies are radical-left students like the Students for Justice in Palestine. Many others are leftist professors, who are about as  prominent and visable on campuses as black on a coal minor’s lung.

The side result is a resurgence in anti-Semitism in this country. In January 2009, pro-Palestinian protesters in Ft Lauderdale chanted, “Jews back to the ovens” while protesters in Los Angeles yelled, “Long Live Hitler.

You want to talk about hate crimes in this country? Today, the Jews are number one on the “hit list”.

FBI Hate Crimes Report for 2009 Shows–Anti-Jewish Attacks Nine Times More Than Anti-Muslim Ones

FBI DATA on hate crimes

Now, the latest incidence at IU should remind us just where this virus should be attacked-on our campuses. University of California at Irvine has acquired the reputation of being the campus where the situation is the worst in the nation. This is where a buffoon like George Galloway was able to speak in a packed hall of some 800 people and pass collection boxes around the room for his Viva Palestina convoy- so that he could deliver supplies and cash to the Hamas leadership of Gaza.

This is the campus where Muslim Student Union members stood up and disrupted the speech of the Israeli ambassador to the US.

Yet, there is a sliver of hope for UCI. The Oren event woke up an entire community. They suddenly realized that in spite of everything they had been told by the university and some of their own Jewish “leaders”, there was indeed a problem at UCI. Last May, some 200-300 community members (Jewish and Christian) came to the campus to show the Israeli and US flags together and to confront and challenge the speakers-in an orderly way. Many of the speakers who came to UCI that week went away looking like utter  boobs.