Obama goes to Afghanistan. Surprise!

Why now? Why not on Thanksgiving when he had nothing better to do?

Conflicting reports say he went there to thank the troops. (But he didn’t go on Thanksgiving. Maybe he couldn’t stomach the thought of actually serving turkey dinner to the troops as George Bush did). Another report says he went to meet with Karzai over the fallout from the WikiLeaks reports on corruption, but weather won’t let the plane land in Kabul. (So, he can’t land elsewhere and helicopter in?)

No, my guess is that the ‘surprise’ trip is either because of the lousy unemployment rate numbers than just came in or else there was too much time between his last vacation and the next one to Hawaii for Christmas. After all, we know how much he hates being in Washington in the best of times and now he has to talk to all those filthy ¬†Republicans.

I guess his visit with the troops didn’t go so well.

H/T Henry