Lockerbie bomber's family to sue British Government for false imprisonment and neglect, says Libyan dictator, Col. Gaddafi

Yes, they should sue, this bastard was supposed to have been dead over a year ago.

UK DAILY MAIL– Colonel Gaddafi last night revealed the family of the Lockerbie bomber is preparing a multi-million pound compensation claim against Britain for false imprisonment and medical neglect. (And the British government will settle out of court for millions just as they did with the 16 Gitmo terrorists last month)

The Libyan dictator said the case against 58-year-old Abdelbaset al-Megrahi had ‘been fabricated and created by’ Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

Getting a big hug from Gaddafi upon his arrival in Libya

His threat of legal action will outrage families of Lockerbie victims, already furious the former secret serviceman remains alive and living in Tripoli more than a year after he was released from jail in Scotland on the grounds that he had only a few months to live.

Gaddafi insisted that CIA agents – not Libya – had been behind the 1988 terrorist atrocity, which killed 270, a wild theory already advanced in a controversial documentary and a number of books.

One terrorist kissing the hand of another terrorist

‘These are the people who created this conspiracy,’ said Gaddafi, referring to the alleged role of former prime minister Baroness Thatcher and ex-U.S. President Mr Reagan in the life sentence al-Megrahi received for blowing up the Pan Am plane.

‘The charges directed towards Libya were based on unfounded evidence in an attempt to weaken the Libyan Revolution and limit its resources and abilities,’ he added.

Terrorist with Gaddafi’s brother

‘He was released because he was considered dead, and yet he was still alive,’ said Gaddafi.

‘His health was not looked after in prison. He didn’t have any periodic examination. I wish him longevity. ‘After he passes away his family will demand compensation because he was deliberately neglected in prison.’

Terrorist with Gaddafi and family

Libyan diplomatic officials who attended the LSE talk said that, based on similar cases, the compensation could run into many millions of pounds.

But last night Tory MPs said the prospect of al-Megrahi’s family launching a claim would add insult to injury for the bereaved.One, Douglas Carswell, said: ‘Legal action of this kind would be grotesquely offensive to those who lost loved ones.’ (But that won’t stop you from paying off the terrorist, will it?)