MUSLIM CONVERT refuses to remove her ‘hijab’ for a police mugshot

Converting to Islam……….FREE

Refusing to remove your headscarf for a mug shot because the Quran says not to……….CRAP

Needing a booking photo because you were arrested for a DUI……….PRICELESS!

DAILY CAMERA (H/T ZIP) – A University of Colorado student who started wearing hijab after converting to Islam is fighting the Boulder County Jail’s insistence that she remove her headscarf for a booking photo, saying that to do so would violate her religious beliefs.

Maria Hardman, 19, of Boulder, reported to the jail Wednesday to do the paperwork for a two-day work crew sentence that was supposed to be served this weekend. But when a jail detention officer told her to remove her headscarf for her mug shot, she balked. “It’s stated in the Koran in two or three places that believing women should wear the veil, except in the company of close family members,” she said.

Division Chief Larry Hank, who oversees the Boulder County Jail, said his officers never threatened Hardman with contempt of court. He said they told her she needs to explain to a judge why she wouldn’t comply, and his office would be filing a motion explaining the jail’s requirements. Hardman’s attorney is working on a motion explaining her position, though no hearing has been set in the case.

He said he offered to have male officers leave the area and have Hardman take off her headscarf with only a female officer present, but she declined. Hank said that’s been an acceptable compromise to other Muslim women in the jail. Hardman said she doesn’t want a photo of herself without hijab entered into the statewide system, where it would be a public record.

Hardman said that while she was detained, jail officers took her shoes and jewelry, and she worried she would be booked on the spot. “They told me I could just stay there and skip the work crew,” she said. “I was worried they were going to forcibly remove my headscarf.”

Hardman’s offense is an awkward one for an observant Muslim, whose faith prohibits alcohol consumption, to explain: driving while ability-impaired, the lesser version of a DUI. “I was given alcohol without my knowledge,” Hardman said. (Sure you were.  LOL)

The police report doesn’t indicate that Hardman told police she drank alcohol without realizing it, only that she admitted to drinking. Hardman said she tried to tell the officer the full story, but it wasn’t reflected in the report. Hardman’s blood-alcohol content after the accident was 0.19, more than two times the legal limit.