MUST SEE! Why Somali MUSLIM Pirates won’t be attacking Russian ships anytime soon

Somali Muslim Pirates capture a Russian oil tanker. Russian Navy commandos quickly free their compatriots and the tanker. They move the pirates back to their own ship, searching  for weapons and explosives, leaving the pirates handcuffed to the ship. After the Russians left, they blew up the ship with all the Muslims on it.

The commandos sank the pirate ship along with the pirates and without any court  proceedings, lawyers etc. That is, they used the anti-piracy laws of the 18th and 19th centuries where the captain of the rescuing ship has the right to decide what to do with the pirates. Usually, they were hanged.



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  1. This is the only answer to somalia or any other pirates. Immediate trial and execution for piracy. These somalians have millions in hostage taking and piracey. Make the cost of piracy their life and we may soon stop this atrocity.

  2. 18th and 19th century laws apparently worked pretty well. I’d suggest any ship sailing anywhere close to Somalia should fly a Russian flag, because this video has put the fear into these Somali insects.

  3. adhd- est counts of stats dead from ww2 alone was around 75-100 million dead altogether.
    58 million stalin dead mostly his own people and starvation.
    germany 6-11 million jews etc dead, german nationals about 10 million approx. plus poland, and rest of eastern europe, etc, england, france etc.
    japan, usa etc approx 2-3 million more so with japan with two a bombs dropped alone. but plenty disabled on both sides, that is just from 1940-1945 roughly.

    then add in your others like mao, kim jung, pol pot, etc you catch my drift. so, we jsut now left a bloody century but the arabs got away this past century pretty scott free so to speak.

    so maybe this century will be their turn, who knows.

  4. Well done Russia!The 1800 antipiracy laws that commands the pirates be executed after their capture must be implemented by ALL and free the seas to commercial ships!

  5. Sorry to be a party pooper- the Chinese and other industrial fishers have cleaned out all the waters of fish in the past. I don’t agree with killing these guys- even if they are muzis- they are just trying to make a living.

    • Woman, they aren’t fishing for anything but multi-million dollar payoffs from foreign cargo ship owners. You can bet these “poor” Somali fishermen are living a lot better than you are.

  6. NO!!! No, “infidelkaffir”, “gods are NOT the problem” – please remember that atheism has LOTS OF BLOOD on its hands: Communism, 120,000,000 (Mao = 60 million, Ljéñin + Stáljin = 40,000,000 in USSR alone; the rest are accounted for via the other Communist countries plus post-Stáljin USSR); Nazism = 50,000,000 (40 million from World War II, 10 million in peacetime including the extermination of 6 million Jews).

    One hundred and seventy million deaths on account of atheism is FAR higher by orders of magnitude compared to whatever one throws at Christianity. Only Islâm, with 275,000,000 over 1,400 years can truly compare with that Communist statistic over 90 years!!!!

    “Homer” is completely correct.

    • Good support for Homer. islam is the problem and the cause of chaos in the world is the evils of islam in their mad and evil desire to take over the world at any cost. 6 billion infidels in the world, against the 1 billion muslim savages.

  7. Quite praying for any peace BUT for the Peace of Jerusalem, there will be NO peace UNTIL the Prince of Peace shall come! That is Jesus Christ whom the world does not want and we see how this world has lost its’ mind! Man suffers because of his rejection of the ONLY source of peace that lasts! Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

  8. THAT’S THE WAY to deal with pirates and terrorists (who’re really one and the same)!!!!

    There are a few bits of English in there, notably when the apparent captain of that pirate-boat is asked “Why are you lying to me? This is not a fishing boat!”

    Otherwise, from what I was able to pick out with my limited Russian, when the throat-slitters weapons are checked out, one of the Russians says: “This is NOT Soviet manufacture” – i.e., although apparently the weapons look like they were from Russia or the USSR of yesterday, they in fact were produced elsewhere. Furthermore, apparently there were a few Pakistanis among the pirate crew (if yours truly heard correcty)!

    Either way, I entirely endorse this kind of treatment of such wretches (and most of them, even virtually all of them nowadays, are Muslims – long gone are the days of white piracy à la “Treasure Island”…)!!! As to Russian law: it’s more how it’s interpreted and handled by the corrupt Russian judiciary and other governmental officials than anything else that besmirches it. [For example, if I dare suggest something for – say – O.J. Simpson to ensure his punishment for murdering his wife and at least one other person, I’d have had him tried under both Russian criminal law AND American civil law. That way, he would really be in the soup…]

  9. Lord Jesus, I pray for your peace and justice world wide. I pray for China and Russia to exercise caution in their alliance to protect Iranian nuke sites. I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and the continuation of its Jewish population. I pray a hedge of protection around America and Israel during the planned chaos in preparation for the Islamic Mahdi. I pray for all souls to search for truth in your name. Please give dreams and visions of your truth and censor the opposition for such. I claim a mighty move of your spirit world wide,.. to set prisoners free and relieve the suffering of the poor, the widows, the oppressed for their faith, and the Iranians who desire a free country ~ minus it’s oppressive regime. Thank you for your Justice, provided on the cross, for all the guilt of the world,… that we may stand before you,… because Jesus cleansed our sins. May all those who trust your love and provision,… find peace for their souls, joy in their hearts,… and unity among the beloved. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen

  10. I wonder what Obama would think of this? I believe this video will be a deterent to piracy on the high seas and I hope it is seen around the world.

  11. Well, I’m not crazy about Russia’s laws, and I do think that we’ve moved beyond summary execution.

    However, for pirates, I’ll make an exception.

  12. Awesome!! Swift and effective retribution. Too bad there’s no subtitles. Would love to know what the Russians are saying.

  13. This is precisely what we should be doing. At one time we had a POTUS, Thomas Jefferson, who sent our Navy to destroy the pirates for blocking commerce on the high seas. After that, pirates didn’t bother us for many years to follow…

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